Upgrading From A 20h To A 55g, Filter Questions

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by DCR, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. DCR

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    Currently in my 20H I have an Eheim Ecco 2234 and a MarineLand HOB. Stocking is a RTBS and 3 Khuli loaches. Can I add a Eheim 2213 to my Ecco 2234 and have sufficient filtration for a 55G that will be moderately stocked?

    Additional question regarding the layout of the intake and returns for a two canister set up: should I place the intakes side by side close to the center of the tank and place the two returns at the opposite edges for better circulation?

  2. bizaliz3

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    I am not familiar with all those filters. But you want to shoot for 8-10 gallons per hour turnover.

    As for placement of the intakes...I like the idea of spreading out the surface agitation, BUT I prefer having the intakes on separate ends in order to cover more ground as far as mechanical filtration is concerned.

    I'd add an airstone of some kind to add more surface agitation in places that need it.
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    Thank you
  4. Cichlidude

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    That would be 8-10x (times) your tank size. ;)
  5. bizaliz3

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    Haha. Duh!! I said that wrong. Wow!! I must have been typing in a hurry!!

    Yes, you want it to filter your full tank volume 8-10x per hour!!! Thank you so much for correcting that.