Upgrading From 55 To 75

  1. MaeKay Member Member

    I have a 55 gallon that I feel like I don't have enough room for mid/foreground plants so I thought a 75 gallon would be good to upgrade to.

    My tank stand is good for 55-75 gallon. I have the following equipment and wonder what I would need to upgrade to for the 75 gallon. Hoping to upgrade as little as possible

    Marineland 220 canister (220 gph)
    (2) XY 2822 sponge filters

    48" Finnex 24/7 planted+

    Eheim jagger 200w
    (Have a few more 100-150w heaters i can add if need be)

    Black diamond blasting media with plenty of root tabs, it's cheap so I don't mind buying another bag

    5 hatchet fish
    6 cherry barbs
    9 neon tetras (might increase this to 15)
    6 false Julii cories
    2 kuhli loaches
    4 Nerite snails
    6 amano shrimp

    Amazon sword
    Rosette sword
    Crypt (wendetii?)
    Java fern

    Right now I'm running the Finnex at max for a few hours in the mid morning, 3 hour break, and then 3-4 hours at night. I'm getting less algae but still some. The plants seem fine (the cabomba is growing like crazy). Would the 1 Finnex be wide enough?

    I have a glass too and the metal seem runs right along the center so I can't put the light right in the center of the top (or can I?) I used to have the light sitting above the back half but lately I've been switching it every few days from front to back.
  2. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    Your filtration for the 75 should be around around 4-500 gph. I don't like or have ever used sponge filters so I can't comment on their gph output.
    For my 75, I have two Magnum 350's that gives me a total of about 500 gph.
    You can switch filters over to the 75 to help get an instant cycle. The light can be transferred as well.
    I would add the 100 watt heater to go along with the 200 watt.
    With the Blasting sand, you can use the old one, or get a new bag..your choice.
    The fish and plants can be transferred immediately.

  3. MaeKay Member Member

    I did the math for my filtration in my current tank and realized that it was technically too low. But I've never had an ammonia spike. Probably because I'm understocked and don't plan on adding more than a few more neons.

    Do you think the light would be wide enough to cover the entire bottom sufficiently for plant growth?

    I only meant get another bag because I would need to cover more area. So yes, I'd move over the existing sand and add more. It's $8 for a 50 pound bag here in town.
  4. toolman Well Known Member Member

    I have the 48" finnex 24/7 on my 75.
    You would be fine. Need more filtration.

  5. MaeKay Member Member

    I think my question is, if I don't add any more fish, do I really need more filtration? I'm sorry if I'm sounding difficult, I just have never had an ammonia spike.

    I definitely am looking into getting a larger/second canister filter, though.
  6. Tragic13 Member Member

    I would say yes, once you factor in the media that you have added you are only getting maybe 1/3-1/2 the rated GPH. Check out a cheaper sunsun canister off amazon.
  7. TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    You should be fine as long as you don't add any more fish. But I expect you'll still see a lot of debris hanging around the tank. And you'll add more fish eventually.

    Really not best to run a tank long term on "Well, it'll survive, but...."

  8. MaeKay Member Member

    Yeah, let's be honest. I probably will add a few more fish. The debris was another thing I was curious about.

    I'll sell my 55 with the current canister and get a 75 and new larger canister.

  9. Tragic13 Member Member

    Best of luck :D!
  10. TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    At 75 gallons you're probably going to want a pair of canisters, or something big, FX6 size.

  11. Tragic13 Member Member

    Fluval fx6 or 2 SunSun HW-404B, I have good reviews on that model and can get 2-3 cheaper than 1 Fluval fx6.
  12. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I think with your current filtration, you don't need to break the bank to increase it. If you don't add a single fish, your current filtration is fine. But if you do (which you should consider since you only have 2 kuhlis and would add at least 8 more)I'd consider adding another 200-300 gph at a minimum. Breaking the bank and spending 300+ for an fx6 on a 75 gallon is more than overkill, especially with the low bioload fish you have. Even spending ~150 on 2 sunsun canisters with the filtration you currently have is overkill. A simple hob like an aqueon quietflow 75 or a smaller canister like a single sunsun 303/403 should be plenty to add to your existing filtration
  13. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    Everyone gave you great advice.
    I don't don't deal with plants, but from what I've researched, the lights you have should be fine.
  14. MaeKay Member Member

    Yes, I wondered if those khulis needed a school.

    I wondered if it would be better to add a second average sized canister to my current Marineland 220 (and if two would fit in my stand) or sell the 55 with the Marineland (to up it's selling price) and use the money to buy a big enough canister. I hate HOB filters so I'd rather avoid that route.
  15. Tragic13 Member Member

    I would definitely try to get 2+ canisters to hit 500ish gph.. the media will always slow down the rate but it will be ok seeing as you'll have a lot of media to filter the trash :)!
  16. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    If it were me, I'd hold on to the current canister and purchase a sunsun 303/403 at a minimum. You should be able to get one on ebay for around 60 bucks or so. Or spend the extra (probably around 80 or 90) and get a sunsun 304/404 which will give you more than enough filtration.
  17. MaeKay Member Member

    I think I'm going to do this. I can get a sunsun 304B for $65 on Amazon. My only concern is that it seems huge and I'm not sure if it will fit in my stand with the Marineland canister.
  18. MaeKay Member Member

    Do you have a hood or glass canopy? With my 55 I mostly just have the light on the back half and it seems to be doing ok. But with a wider 75 gallon I worry that having the light on the back half will negatively affect the front plants. Then again I'll have 9" to play with instead of the current 6" so maybe I can get the light to rest closer to center despite the hinge.
  19. MaeKay Member Member

    I'm able to get an Aquatop 500 used for $50. It was from a salt water tank and I'm obviously running a freshwater. If it were just scrubbing/rinsing the canister I wouldn't mind but do you think all the tubes need scrubbing as well? Wondering if it's worth $65 to get a new one clean (and with a fresh bulb...the used one has been in use for a year so it probably doesn't work well anymore).
  20. Tragic13 Member Member

    I would rinse them really well and let it run a couple of days to flush it, it's all about the extra work you want to do, but it shouldn't be a problem.