Upgrading From 29g To 65g

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  1. JRGNew MemberMember

    tank 65.jpg

    TL;DR: Filtering a 65g tank, HOB or canister? Heavily Planted with shrimp and angels? Maybe discus? I'm on a small to moderate budget. What are your ideas?

    I bought a used 65g (dim: 36x18x25) that came with the stand and both lids. The pic is just a representation of the new kits Petsmart offers, but is the same setup I bought. I got the the whole thing for $100. I've read that some owners have had issues with this tank holding its water and busting a seam. The previous owner had it for 6 months and claimed that it held water just fine. I will be doing a leak test outside to make sure there are no leaks from moving it. After I clean it I will post pics of some areas of the seams that I would like a second opinion on, just to be sure.

    For now let's assume it will hold water like a champ. I plan on moving my planted 29 over to the 65. I have an Aqua Clear 50 HOB that I really like so I was considering upgrading to an AC 70 or 110, but perhaps a canister would be better. I know almost nothing about canister operation/maintenance though. I could also do a basic DIY canister using PVC pipe, just not sure what kind of pump to use. I have an adult male angelfish who can be quite aggressive, but I might sell him in favor of getting a few juvenile angels instead. He came with the 29 and I hate to see him go, but he doesn't play well with new fish. I was also considering discus instead of angels, or maybe just many smaller fish in a heavily planted tank. I like the angels but I also want a lot of plants/hardscape and some shrimp too. Not sure if shrimp and angels would work out though, even with plenty of hiding spots. My budget is small to moderate but I'm good at DIY, so I can get a lot done on a tight budget.

    What are your thoughts and advice? Thanks.
  2. kallililly1973Well Known MemberMember

    Congrats on the upgrade... I currently run a fluval 406 and an aqueon 55/75 on my 55 gallon. I would keep your AQ 50 and add a good size canister that way it will be instantly cycled and with the other canister your water will stay pristine hope the seams hold up for u! Good luck
  3. DaFishNerdValued MemberMember

    Congrats on the upgrade! Canisters are much more versatile in what you can do with them so I would personally get a canister if I could afford it. DIY canister would also be an awesome thing to try so I would say so for it! The more filtration the better. I LOVE angelfish and would 100% support the angelfish idea although they don't play well when they get older. You could also look into more mild New World Cichlids like apistogrammas or Rams.
  4. JRGNew MemberMember

    I've been looking up prices for canisters and they're kinda pricey. Some are under $100 but If I do get one then I would want to make sure it's quiet and reliable. I could probably find a used one but wouldn't know if it was good or not. I'll have to do more research on the topic. Also, I think I'll stick with angels. I'll most likely sell "Gill" ,the big male and get a few juveniles instead. At least that way I can watch them grow up and hopefully they'll be accustomed to the other fish in the community. I'll just have to go easy on the wood/rocks so they still have room to stretch their fins out as adults. Discus are my favorite but I hear they can be difficult to maintain and I would hate to lose any. I'm still open to suggestions on centerpiece fish though, in case something catches my eye over the angels.
  5. DaFishNerdValued MemberMember

    I agree that Discus can be very difficult and high maintenance. I have looked into making a canister and it seems like a manageable task . I found some videos of different ones you can make and they can all be easily customized.
    Here's an in- tank canister that is very simple but it doesn't have much biological filtration.

    Here's a double canister filter out of some plastic jars

    These should help you decide if you want to make or buy a filter.
  6. dcocinciValued MemberMember

    Have that same tank for a year now, no issues with leaks so far. I'm running a Fluval 406 and an AC70 on it.
  7. JRGNew MemberMember

    Good to hear that you have a good one without leak issues. I'm looking at either building a filter or finding a used Penn Plax Cascade 1200. Fluval is out of my price range right now. BTW do any of your tank seams have bubbles in them?