Upgrading from 10gal to 30gal! Help?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by ladyagate, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. ladyagateValued MemberMember

    First off, I wasn't entirely certain where to post this so if I'm in the wrong place feel free to let me know..

    The other day I was browsing through craigslist and found a tall 30gal with a nice wooden stand for a very reasonable price. It included a filter (tetra whisper) a bunch of cartridges, an air pump, cover with light, siphons, undergravel filter and an assortment of chemicals including prime, food, etc! How could I pass this up? :D

    Anyway, it is in my apartment now, and I admit that I have no idea where to start.. How might I go about cleaning all of these items so they will be safe for my fish? I've heard of using vinegar but I just want to clarify this since I am frightened there will still be residue..

    My real dilemma is that I do not have the space to run both tanks at once because I live in a very small apartment. In other words, I need to switch everything all at once. Is it possible to safely switch from one to the other without suffering through a full cycle and huge ammonia/nitrite spike? I plan on moving EVERYTHING from the 10gal to the 30; gravel, pump, decorations, plants (silk), filter (I'll be running two at once in hopes of avoiding a huge ammonia spike).

    Does this sound like a reasonable idea? I'm not sure what I'm in for.. Here are some specs on my 10gal in case you guys need this info: ammonia:0, nitrite:0. Temp: 80. 2 honey gouramis, 3 rummynose tetras, 1 panda cat.

    Lastly, does anyone have any fun ideas for stocking that will be compatible with the fish I already have?
  2. ladyagateValued MemberMember

    Oops, one last thing.. The new 30gal did not come with a heater.. I currently have a 50watt heater in my 10gal. I'm wondering if it is strong enough for the 30gal? I set it for 75 in my 10gal and it heats my water to about 80 so I know its a little strong for the 10gal..

    Anyway, just wondering if i can avoid spending more $ on 100watt..

  3. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    If you switch over everything...gravel, deco, filter and fish you should be fine. Run the extra filter for at least 2 weeks before adding anything.

    A 50W heater won't be enough for your 30g. I run a 200 in mine, but thats over kill. Imo, go with at least 150W

    Edit: Congrats on the New To You Tank.
    ps. you'll be finding room for that 10g LOL
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  4. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

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  5. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Oh w_boughner, good point about sterilizing used stuff!!

    I fill the tank with 19 parts water to 1 part bleach. Run the filter without the media for a little while.
    Empty and rinse everything until you no longer smell bleach.
    Refill and OD with dechlorinator, run filter.
    Then I let it set over night for a leak test.
  6. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    I never sterilize new tanks with bleach, although there is certainly nothing wrong with that and I know that a lot of folks do. I just give everything a scrub with hot water, and I use vinegar on the tough stains. Rinse well and you're ready to go. JMHO. :)
  7. ladyagateValued MemberMember

    Thank you for the good advice everyone! I did the big switch last night.. Not the easiest task but I think I pulled it off alright.

    Basically, I used very hot water and scrubbed the tank and all the equipment then siphoned 3 buckets worth of water out of the 10 gal, moved the fish into one of the buckets along with all the plants/rocks, etc. Moved the old tank out and replaced it with the new tank and stand. Filled it up, got both filters, air stone, and heat running and tossed in my fish and plants. The only downside now is that the plants from my 10gal are so tiny in this tank I don't think my fish have much for hiding places anymore

    After getting everything set up, I kept with the 50 watt heater just to see how well it could handle the bigger tank. For whatever reason, its doing great so I think I will be sticking with it. It has been set to 76 since I plugged it back in last night and the actual water temp has been 79/80 since then. (I'm using three different thermometers btw.. May be overkill but I don't always trust my digital one)

    I'm about to test the water for the first time in this tank and will post results (hopefully low) soon. I have a feeling its not going to be bad judging by the bright red on my rummynoses.

    So now the question is, what do I put in here? I've got 2 honey gouramis, 3 rummynose, and 1 panda catfish. I know that I would like/need more rummys.. And I would like very much to pick up a few more panda cats.. I'm considering angel but not sure how well they will play with the honeys. I am also considering some sort of larger variety of gourami as well.

    And ideas would be great!
  8. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I just wipe down used equipment with a wet paper towel.

    I use 100W heaters on my 29s, no problems. Whether or not you need to get a heater at this point, and whether the 50W heater can get the job done largely depends on where you live and what the ambient air temp is in the room with the tank.
  9. e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    I'd stay away from the larger of the gourami species only because even a 30gal I personally think is much too small for them. Have you thought about some sort of tetras? Maybe you could get a school of Snakeskin tetras I'm about to add some to my personal tank they are pieceful and aren't fin nippers plus they're really pretty. You could also look into getting a one of the smaller breeds of pleco like a clown pleco, or a rubber lip pleco.

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