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So for month i was out of my country and did get some great deals while i was here and did buy bunch of new things for my 22gallon aquarium.

So first light, now i have 2x10w reflectors- i did buy chihiros a601 39w led with 7 dimmable programs. So how to change light and dont get algae? I was thinking to put it on program 3-4 and run it for 6h per day then after few days increase for 30min etc.

Second new filter fluval 206 now i have aquel pat mini and juwel bioflow one two sponge filters. So i was thinking of doing this first put new filter, do water change, run new filter.

Third bio co2, now i was just adding easy carbo liquid carbon 2ml per day. Now i bought dennerle bio co2 for 120 litres tank, it is like diy variant but with control gel so you don't have co2 jumps and for 3-4 weeks you have 15ppm of co2.
So i was thinking adding that co2 and reducing liquid carbon instantly to 1ml per day. Dose that sound like good tactic?

I did get some new plants etc. that i will add at first day after water change.

Do you have any suggestions how to change all those things? All in one day or in few? All comments are welcome. Tnx in advance.
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