Upgrade To What I Think Is An 80 Gallon

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by tosh.krl, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. tosh.krlNew MemberMember

    Current stock
    2 gold Severus
    2 angles
    6 Buenos Aires tetras
    11 neons
    1 sailfin pleco

    Live plants
    Drift wood covered in Anubis I think.

    Need to get a better filter any advice?
    Pic below 7baf2d5832e25b8d73a0b25a914489bf.jpgebdbace6219ff3b59079ef60370a114a.jpgbd837b2e9e6076100bac73d70ee28994.jpg1cfeaf5033925f9c215e38d278f7e577.jpg928fd0581e8689edce26d99fd241c506.jpg33dd26ce2886e9fc334b177fb05adda2.jpg
  2. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    Neons need cooler water than angels. Switch the neons and add in the cardinals which almost looks the same but can thrive in warmer temps
  3. tosh.krlNew MemberMember

    Started to cycle a new 35 for the newton. Also picked up 10 rummynose and a few more angles 5c977dc0a76e55061e422cfd314519f7.jpg6ac1215d70b93f121b3918cb930152a1.jpg6969a89749dd749ebd7f6c5336272ebe.jpg07c20d7c8fbb668e94cbb9dea3b44aa6.jpg
  4. James17Well Known MemberMember

  5. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I don't think you're quite able to take care of that koi angle. Better give it to me. It will have a good home.
  6. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    Did you rehome the neons?
  7. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I don't know why that never works. Sigh...
  8. James17Well Known MemberMember

    That is a darned pretty angel isn't it.
  9. tosh.krlNew MemberMember

    Neons haven't yet been rehouse I started another 35gallon tank today and am waiting on the cycle.....which one is the koi angle? Also it's had only been an hour since the rummy went in, but their noses still aren't very bright like at the lfs. Lots played dead when i first added them kinda scarey:] 1c3a1f18cdab116f6c154ef9b0e64272.jpgaf4120715cf16a23aa917470981d91c4.jpg7fd5a3ae9f748ad683230353cd5c072b.jpg
  10. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    The poor abused koi baby? See picture below. 1c3a1f18cdab116f6c154ef9b0e64272 1.jpg
  11. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    Make sure you rehome the neons because they aren't temp compatible with the angels and rummynose!

    The koi angel is the one on the right of the picture.
  12. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Did I see ich in the first photos or am I crazy? In the gold severums?
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  13. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I was too busy looking at the angel. You are right.
  14. wapoosheValued MemberMember

    YOU CRAZZZY. just kidding, what looks like white spots is actually bubbles behind the see through tail fin.

    edit: and now im crazy cause now i see it more clearly and i don't think it's bubbles...
  15. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    Photo 3 there are no air bubbles. Photo 5 both have signs but again no air bubbles.
  16. wapoosheValued MemberMember

    yeah OP it seems that a few of us think your Gold Severums could possibly have ich. I'd recommend moving to a QT tank asap hope your angels stay safe though, they are awesome.
  17. tosh.krlNew MemberMember

    Solved, rehoused the neons in the small tank pictured at lower temp.

    Put up temp to 88* in tank for ick problem, after taking out neons but... That didn't solve problem so I bought ick tablets, diluted them and added to the tank today and the subrums are more active and eating. So far only the rummy nose tetras also seem to have ick
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  18. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    You need to do daily water changes with extra thorough vacs to keep removing any free-floating parasites, since you can't actually get them off the fish.

    Also, check the medication you're using can be used in conjunction with heat treatment, as most of the time you need to choose one or the other.
  19. tosh.krlNew MemberMember

    Turned down the heater before putting in medication, it doesn't say specifically that it works with heat so that's why I turned it down.
    Daily water change suggestion 50%, 25%, I don't currently have a vac but have been looking in to them now that we have a tank 3 times. Any suggestions on one to buy either online or at petsmart or an local sf pet store
  20. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    I just have a £5 one from lfs.
    It's a plastic "funnel" bit with a little grid in the top (in case fish suck up), a bit of tube, a little rubber bulb to squeeze to get the suction going, and another bit of tube to put in the bucket.

    Does the job perfectly well.

    The percentage isn't so important as making sure the gravel is well cleaned and the water is emptied. If you think you've done a good vac, but only taken out about 20%, so be it. I'd get it closer to 50% so you know you're getting as many parasites out as possible.