Upgrade my 55 gallon lighting


I really want a fairly heavily planted tank but unfortunately I only have one 17w bulb across the top. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money to buy a new one (I have already spent much more than I thought on my tanks).

I found this

What do you think of this plan? Does anyone have any ideas for good lighting on a budget? Thanks!


Those are two links I see all the time for major lighting upgrades on a budget. I'm using T5 shop lights in the fishroom (not T5 high output). Hope this helps!


At the risk of sounding like a broken record I'm going to have to offer my suggestion ;D. On ebay there's a seller called "topdogsellers", who's store stocks a variety of aquarium lighting at very reasonable prices. The 48" T5 HO fixture I bought was 72.90 after shipping and works great, very bright and my plants are really starting to takeoff after being stiffened by the stock T8 lights.

Heres a link to there store:

And a forum thread about this seller were I posted pics of my light:

So far, counting myself, there are at least 4 members that have or have ordered this light and so far no complaints.


blasto172 how much heat does the light put off?can you remove the legs and place on top of the cover?


That does look like a good system. On my tank I got 4 of these domes: but I got mine at petsmart. then got 4 of these bulbs: They work great, are cheap, put out the proper colors for plants, and give you about 2 wpg
I put my domes over the glass of the hood that came with my tank, they are a little wider than the glass but not by much. Also they don't heat up my tank.


It really doesn't get hot at all you can touch any part of the light with out getting burned. the vents are on the side so there should be no problem just laying it on the cover (the bottom is closed off with a acrylic cover). in fact one member bought the 24" for his 30" tank (almost half the price as the 30" light) and has it setup that way. the legs use metal clips that slide into a grove on the back of the light.

huh I have those same ecosmart bulbs I'm my apt. They really do look like sunlight.
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