Updating or Finishing your Thread...

  1. lorianne621

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    I have a request or suggestion for everyone, though I am not sure how realistic it is.

    Would everyone please try to remember to update their threads once they resolve their issues?

    I am pretty to new to fishkeeping relatively speaking. Meaning I have kept them awhile but didn't find Fishlore until a year or so ago and so I didn't have the right help, so I didn't really know how to do it right. Now I have lots of information at my fingertips. :D

    But as I go back and read through lots of the old threads it so frustrating to find so many threads that seem to just die in the middle... They seem to be a really active thread with lots of questions back and forth and even pictures and details about different issues... and then the thread dies and is closed. Many of these are years old so I have no hope of finding out what happened now... but it would have been nice if once the issue was resolved, the OP would have updated thread... even if the end result was not so good.

    I realize that sometimes people don't have good results and fish are lost and even entire systems are given up on. Sometimes for some reason or another we switch threads because a different problem is found... a link would be nice in that case... but when I am conducting a search and end up on these old threads... which have some great info, btw, I hate to be left hanging.

    Thanks in advance... :D