updates - fish in cycling with danios

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    neonblue1980 Valued Member Member

    oh me...oh my...

    well, it's been about 6 weeks now since i set up my tank. about one month since i added three zebra danios. absolutely nothing has changed with any of the values yet. to this day, they remain:

    ammonia 0.25
    nitrites 0
    nitrates 5-10

    lol! i'm not quite understanding the process...the ammonia has never spiked...despite fish pooping left, right and center in there.

    the fish are as active as can be. eager eaters, swim constantly, their colours are bright, vivid, all three have grown significantly, i'm noticing quite an increase in size, they are robust little swimmers, they all get along with one another, no signs of physical stress. they are so wonderful to watch. the water is clear.

    bear in mind that i'm adding a large dose of prime every second day. about two cap fulls. i can't remember where i got that idea from...lol...i think i read something about overdosing the tank during times when ammonia is present.

    could it be that three danios aren't enough to create a hearty amount of ammonia...? the prime doesn't actually mask the ammonia from being detected by my test kit...does it?

    my tetra safestart is STILL not here. waiting patiently!

    i changed about 20 percent of the water yesterday to get rid of some excess food. i'm starting to get the hang of how much to feed without overfeeding. i've also gotten a pretty kick butt handle on gravel vacuuming, lol. the entire water change process yesterday took me a grand total of 10 minutes.

    today is pay day so i'm thinking of picking up a couple of trees, and perhaps one of those colour changing bubble wands. my kids would love that.
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    I'm not certain what is going on here but I've got several questions and hopefully someone with more knowledge can help out.

    I'm not sure if its pertinent but what's the tank size?

    It could be possible that there isn't sufficient ammonia present to produce a robust BB colony and your tank never cycled. The presence of nitrates could be from your tap water, have you tested your source water?
    In support of the theory of your tank not being cycled, some have said that using prime will slow down cycling.

    The opposing theory is that your tank is already cycled.
    You stated "the ammonia has never spiked...despite fish pooping left, right and center in there. ", how do you know that, did you test frequently, like every few days?

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    neonblue1980 Valued Member Member

    hi! thanks so much for responding.

    my tank size is 23g, or so says the box, lol. but the dimensions measure 29g. i've discussed it a few times with the folks here trying to figure out the mystery, haha! it is a bowfront, and i did a bowfront calculator online, which showed 25g...so...it's somewhere in there.

    i've tested my source water several times. no nitrates. nothing else questionable in the source water.

    i added nutrafin cycle about a month ago, and discussed that here with a few people, as well. general consensus is that the bacteria present in nutrafin cycle die off, and you need to readd the product with each water change...aka the product is useless. even if the product DID work for some freak reason...i would assume my ammonia would have reached 0 by now.

    i test my tank usually every two days using the api master kit.

    it took me a while to find a balance between feeding enough and overfeeding. so...in the past month, we've had our fair share of uneaten food in the tank. i would think the decaying food would contribute to ammonia build up, as well, but it hasn't.
  4. Chunk101

    Chunk101 Well Known Member Member

    I'm at a loss.

    You may never figure out what happened, unless someone out there, (HELLO ANYONE?) provides you with a magical answer. I say just move forward with the TSS and IMO decrease the amount of prime.

    Good luck.