Updated 90 Gallon Build

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Since my other thread got so outta whack, and because there was a lot of new information added to this, I have decided to repost it.

All of the technical stuff (stock, plants etc.) are listed below. Yes there was a bit more fish added (1x Chocolate Gourami, 1x Banjo Catfish, 2x Swordtails 1m 1f, and 2x More mollies.

Before you start reading this, you should know these few things that I am well aware of.

  • I have done research into all of these fish, and am well aware of disputes over the eels.
  • No, I don't mind them breeding, as I have a plan and 3 back up plans for all the potential fry.
  • I am aware of the specific care of the shrimps, and as with any other fish, getting food to them isn't a problem. I do like to spot feed my fish everyday.
  • Again, the fry will not be an issue as I have no problem with catching them. Or the time it takes to do so.
  • If you want to say I shouldn't have Blank Plant in this tank, and that I should take it out, please recommend a substitute, same with anything else. It helps me tremendously in making this an enjoyable process of figuring out will what work best.
  • I LOVE colorful plants.
  • Also, if you can get through this entire thing, and still have the energy to respond, thank you. It honestly means a lot to me when people read something, and give feedback back.
  • If I don't have something listed, please let me know, and I will add it.
  • On that note, I do have the Master Freshwater Test Kit, and buckets already. I didn't feel the need to add them, because that's kinda obvious.
  • ALL Of the little details are in there, right down to what I will be feeding them, cleaning the tank with, which gravel vacuum, and the size, substrate, ..... you get the idea.
  • Once again THANKS! I'm



Updated stock
1x Bamboo Shrimp
1x Viper Shrimp
1x Albino Longfin bristlenose pleco (female)
1x Longfin bristlenose pleco (male)
2x German Blue Rams 1m 1f
6x Swordtails 2m 4f

6x Mollies - Sailfin Molly 1m ,Silver Molly 1F, Dalmation Lyretail Molly 1F, Red Dalmation Molly 1F, Balloon Mollies 1m 1f
9x Glass Cats
9x Red Blue Colombian tetras
6x Zebra and Spined Nerites
2x Peacock Eels
1x Chocolate Gourami
1x Banjo Catfish

Final Stock!


Stand- Aquatic Fundamentals 75/90 G Upright Stand

Canopy- R&J Enterprises 48x18 Black Oak Empire Series or Homebuilt one if someone can give me a link to a DIY

Filter- 2 SunSun HW-302 3 Stage Canister Filters - each rated at 264GPH

Filter Media- 2 SunSun Canister Filter Media Set AND 2 SunSun 3 pack Coarse Fine Filter Pads for HW-302

Heater- 2Marineland Visi-Therm 250W - 14.5" rated for 75 Gallon

Air pump- Tetra Whisper 100 Gallon

Air Stones + Accesories- Via Aqua LED Light and Airstone 18" -3.3W AND 12" Anchor Stone Airstone AND 25' Lees Airline Tubing ANDHikarI Check Valves 2 pack

Substrate- 60 lbs of CaribSea Eco-Complete AND capped with 80 lbs of Petco Frosted Black Gravel

Hood- Aqueon 48" x 18" Versa-top AND 48" Fluorescent Strip Light-Single Bulb AND 1 Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Bulb - 48" - 32W

Thermometers- In tank thermometer and a stick on thermometer

Ferts-Seachem Flourish and API CO2 Booster

Cleaning Equipment-Lee's Ultra Gravel Vac Self-start Extra LargeAND Mag Float Glass Cleaner-Medium

Surge Protector and Timer- Innovera Surge Protector 10 Outlets, 6ft Power Cord 2880Joules AND Zoo Med AquaSun Dual Timer

Plant Upkeep- DR Instruments Aquascaping Kit

Nets- 3 Penn Plax Infra Red Quick Nets - 5" Long, 8" Long, and a 10"

Breeder Nets- 3 Of the ones I have, just to have on hand

Power Head- Marineland Maxi-Jet 400, 110gph Powerhead, 500gph Circulation, 3.0 feet max, 5 W - as needed

Misc. Items - Disposable Pipettes, API Copper Test Kit, API Phospate Test Kit, API Calcium Test Kit, API GH and KH Test Kit, Veggie Clip




  • 1 Argentine Sword
  • 4 Rotala Wallichii
  • 1 Nymphaea Lotus 'Red' - Tiger Lotus
  • 4 Camboba Red Furcata
  • 2 Foxtail Dragonfire
  • 2 Vesuvius Swords

  • 3 Corkscrew Vallisneria
  • 1 Melon Sword
  • 2 Crypt WendtiI - Bronze
  • 1 Kleiner Bar Echindorus
  • 4-8 Didiplis Diandra (Blood Stargrass)


  • 2 Alternanthera ReineckiI 'Rosaefolia'
  • 2 Bolbitis Heudelotii
  • 2 Narrow Leaf Chain Swords
  • 4 Water Shamrocks
  • 2 Dwarf Narrow Leaf Sagittaria Subulata
  • 3 Staurogyne repens


  • 3 pack Cichlid Stones
  • Medium Mangrove Root Decor
  • Aquatic Creations Large Tree Stump
  • 2 Lee's Ghost Houses- 10 inches
  • 2 Small Driftwood -to anchor some plants to
  • 1 Medium Driftwood - to anchor some plants to
  • 1 Small Piece of Slate covered with a plant that is tbd
Supplements to be added to food
Seachem Garlic Guard

Fish Food-Main Diet
Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Flakes
HikarI Sinking Carnivore Pellets
HikarI Sinking Wafers
HikarI Algae Wafers
HikarI Sinking Cichlid Gold- MinI Pellets
Tetra Color Plus Tropical Flake Food

Fish Food- Treats
Frozen Foods

Live Foods

Other Foods

  • Rotifers
  • Various Treats
  • Live Veggies


  1. What order should I add the stock in? Peacock eels are last.
  2. Is there any more equipment that I need, or do I have it covered?
  3. Any other supplements I need?
  4. What medications should I have on hand? For any tank, not just this one.
  5. Do you think I have enough hidey spots?
  6. Water change schedule for this tanks? 25% every other week, or 10% every other week? Please take into account the plants as well.
  7. Any other fertilizers, or should I be good?
  8. What about a CO2 system? I am limited on power, so please suggest something that is low wattage, but cheap on the wallet.
  9. Where can I find a cheap and low wattage lunar light for nighttime viewing of the nocturnal fish?
  10. Should I add a "tank shelf" (shelf like piece of plastic that attaches to the inside of the aquarium with aquarium safe bonding agent) and cover it with some moss (if so what would you recommend) and put one of the ghost houses up there, or do you think that would look tacky?
  11. Any other food? Please don't recommend different brands, as I quite like what I have selected. Other food varieties that I have missed that would suit this tank and stock are more then welcome though!
  12. Also, so far as back grounds go, do you think this would look good - red at the bottom, fade into dark blue, then to a midnight blue/black, to create a nice sunset like background? It will be painted on, so I have to decide first.
  13. ​On the last question, what paint do I use?

Final note, thank you for your time and your responses.

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I can't help you with your questions, but I did read your entire post!

Very cool fish choices! Also, I am going to research your plants for myself. I love cool, interesting and/or bright plants. I'm jealous of your selection!

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Haha, thanks for reading. It's an uber long post but I did try to make it as pleasing to the eye as possible as well as thorough as possible. Alot of time and effort has gone into the building this plan. I'm talking at least 40+ hours, due to research, etc. I'm probably going to do a TSS cycle with some of the more hardier fish, or just do the pure ammonia cycle, don't know which would be better to work with the plants and eco complete.

I'm leaning towards TSS.
guppy lover
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Three backup plans for fry is pretty good I have one hundred and fifty baby guppies /swordtails and am a little stuck on what to do with them How much did all this cost?

Guppy lover
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I'm a planner and researcher myself. It's at least half the fun imo!

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Guppy_lover This setup is probably going to cost about $1500, without shipping, when all is said and done. Ctammy2 I love planning my tanks. Makes for getting them going a lot easier as well!
guppy lover
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Wow that's a lot of money

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List looks good and very well planned

I'm just curious why you are capping the eco complete?

I found it cheaper to buy Glut (METRICIDE) by the gallon ($25.00) shipped to me vs API CO2 Booster 6-9$ for 16 oz but I won't get into that right now

Also I would add the shrimp after its well established as bamboos are filter feeders .C02 booster may be a issue as it will kill smaller shrimp. (I have seen it personally )

If you do fish in cycle I would go with the red blues. They are some tough tetras

Meds I suggest on hand are . API quick Cure and API General cure

25% bI weekly WCs maybe fine . I do mine weekly just so I don't have to worry a aqueon or python water changer makes that a snap

Your vals& crypts would do well with some root tabs after a few weeks. Not saying they won't do well without. I started using red clay tabs. I make them myself and the results are impressive. Peabodys also sells them

As for the ghost houses its all about what you like. Some playing around after you get them will help you figure that out

As for the background I have always just done flat black or blue. I don't have patience to make sure things get done nicely. But if I were to do your idea I would do red at the top and phase it into blue / black

These are just my opinions so take them with a grain of salt .
Also when you get the tank set up make sure you get us some pics
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Capping the eco complete because I don't like the look the eco complete itself. Also... how would I go about cleaning my substrate? I know I dig into it with gravel and hover with sand.... so ...how to go about gravel vacuuming?

My Bamboo seems to be doing great with the CO2 booser whilst hanging in my 20 gallon atm, but then again I use it every other day it seems.

Thanks for the suggestions, esp about the Root Tabs and the Meds. Will probably cycle with the tetras. then! Thanks!
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He is. When I first got him, he wanted to hide in the filter a couple of times, till he got stuck and I finally realized that's where he went. Loves the Java Moss that's in the 20 though. On a side note, African Butterfly Fish are ornery. Just topped off my 29, and one of em tried to take a bite outta me. OUCH!
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guppy lover
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All the equipment seems to be there to me. The only thing I don't see is a uv filter/sterilizer.
Just trying to help.
Guppy lover
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No worries! I don't think I want to go with a UV sterilizer, for a couple of reasons.
1. Water is going by too fast to really do much good.
2. It kills all bacteria, even the good stuff.
3. They are super expensive.

I honestly had to consider it, seeing how it's a huge tank, but I think I may just get one for the 10 G quarantine tank, that way it should be covered.
I think I may have an algae issue with this tank, since it is in my living room, but we'll see.
guppy lover
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I don't suppose you will post pics when your done will you?
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impressive plant list!
you said you liked colorful plants, have you thought about the purple cabomba? or does it not go well with your others?
I want to see what it looks like when its done! I bet it will be amazing!!
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Of course I'm gonna post pics! It's far from being done tho, still need the stand and all the equipment. Hopefully Buying the tank this week though. It's an uber expensive project, that's for sure.

I don't think I came across Purple Cabomba when I was looking for plants! I will check it out though!
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Wow, I am quite impressed with the planning you have done for this tank.

I think the lack of responses to your questions stem from the title of this being a build.
It's basically a place to track your progress.

For your individual questions it might be a good idea to post in the appropriate forums.
The titles should get the attention of those who may know about a particular subject.
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Allright Thanks Lucy!

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