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    wanted to give an update ... for those of you who had not read my earlier posts i have a 30 gallon tank that was out of control with ammonia levels and not cycling

    so per the advice of fellow tankers i bought Tetra Safestart...

    last Wednesday i prepared for the TSS

    I decided before i did i would contact Tetra and get their advice

    They answered right away and were more than happy to help

    I explained my crazy 6ppm ammonia and they suggest doing a complete water change but i had to use tetra aqua safe for the chlorine

    so i got the aqua safe but i only used that on 15 or so gallon as my rinse water .... i did a 90% water chage ... just enough so the fish were not on their sides ... and i replace 6 or seven gallons ... and then removed it ... i did that about 3 times to rinse the gravel of ammonia i was trying to get it as close to a new set up as i could...

    after the rinse cycle i refilled the tank with 30gallons of store bought reverse osmosis water which ifloated in warmer water in the tub to keep the water close to the 79 degrees they were in my

    i did this so there would be nothing added to the water accept the TSS

    my ammonia was still .25 - .50 ppm a far cry from the 6 - 8 ppm i was experiencing
    here had been at least 4 weeks on no nitrite and no nitrate readings

    when the tank was filled and i did my last ammonia test i poured in a bottle of the TTS in ( larger bottle made for75 gallons)

    I am happy to report as of tonight day number 7 that i have readings of:

    ammonia 0ppm
    nitrites 0ppm
    nitrates 5 ppm

    i will keep a watch and make sure these are accurate readings

    Thank you for all the advice ... this is a wonderful forum
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    That's fantastic! I'm glad it looks like it worked out well for you (and your fishies!) :;hf
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    Great news, congrats!
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    Yeah!!!!!! A fast cycle is always great to hear about. Glad the TSS worked for you!
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    That's wonderful! Thanks for keeping us posted. We're so happy for you!