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Now I'm in charge of all of the fish tanks at my old high school. A few of them are strictly mine. I have a 2 gallon planted bowl I keep on the window. Growing algae. I let baby plecos hang out in there for a couple weeks before moving them to bigger tanks. I also have a 100 gallon Convict tank. Theres a Marble Crayfish hanging out in there ad well, but he keeps to homself.
I have a 10 gallon with a Marbled crayfish who should be dropping clones any day now. And I still have ALL of those mosquito fish. They got moved to a pond, and now there are hundreds of them. My bristlenose pleco just passed away a few weeks ago. He was so used to me growing algae for him that he starved himself when he was fed wafers I have a nrw BN at my cousins house. He's still a baby. Maybe an inch long. I also got a free guppy fry from Petco that lives alone for the time being in a 1 gal. We also have a 100 gallon full of guppies. Well, not full, but theres about 20 at the least. And one cardinal tetra. They were givin to us by a student, along with a Pleco. I currently only have a picture of one Crawfish and the big Pleco. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1351208893.203715.jpg


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nice start to that community tank! I would love to manage that many tanks and have someone else pay for it lol.
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