Update on Platy's and question on Mollies


Just a quick update - My Platy's have nearly all given birth now and I have about 50 fry!!! Great to watch them darting about. I'll post some pics soon.

I have two platinum mollies which appear to be pregnant - they are showing all the signs and have become quite large but they seem to have been like this for ages now.

Is there anything I can do to help them birth or will they just pop when they are ready. They have been like this for over 4 weeks now.

They are in this shot but this is about 6 weeks ago and they are about twice the size of this now.


Whoa! You're platies are beautiful! How old are they?
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I've had them about 3 months so who knows their real age. Not so old though.

I spoke too soon last night - about an hour after I posted one of the mollies started having her babies.

She had about 15. I think for a first batch this is pretty good?

The other Mollie is acting weird so I've isolated her - might be more news tonight.


My brother-in-law has guppies. One of the females were pregnant for like I swear it had to be 5 months before she gave birth. she had 20 of them. Then 2 weeks later had more and had another 20. Now he has like 50 baby fish all by the same fish, but she had them in spurts. I found it very unusual though that she was carrying them for so long. They are usually only pregnant for like 4 weeks. Natalie

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