Update on my tanks! :)

  1. lala29

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    Hey guys! Im back... Again! :)

    Just wanted to share with you my tank statuses as of yesterday! Had a fairly big change around :)

    My two beautiful goldfish are now in the 29 gallon! They have a few cherry barbs and a neon tetra school in with them for now but that will change! Although my goldies are very calm and placid :)

    My small 8 gallon now has my 3 endlers and my remaining guppies (4 guppies) the tank will be cleaned very often and some guppies are going to be sold!

    And my two Betta girls are now in the 10 gallon with a few little pygmy cories, not sure whether yo divide the tank because they seem okay in each others company and have done for a while, but i have a divider ready just in case :)


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  2. NCE12940

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    Lovely fish!