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Discussion in 'Neji' started by Neji, Mar 19, 2010.

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    So I scraped off the algae a bit, but it still grows at an alarming rate, so that's why my oto cats are doing their best to clean off the algae :) but I had to introduce some snails too, so they can help eat the algae off of the glass on my tank, and my small pleco I think is getting lazy! I don't know why but I hope he or she still does clean my tank :)


    This little oto cat is really active :) I have a bunch of other otos in my tank and they do their best to clean the algae off of the tank, and in return I give cucumbers sometimes and I try my best to keep the tank water as clean as possible :)


    Normally this held the plant that I bought from the pet store in a small casket but I took the plant out of the casket and decided to use it as a decoration, but I didn't like it after a while and I decided to take it out and put it in the recycling bin :)


    As you can see the photo above is the Dwarf Hair Grass and I really like it, but it gets a lot of stuff stuck to it. Must be some small organisms that are in my tank, I don't know. but I always siphon my tank so it shouldn't always be so dirty. Then again... I do have a pleco and he or she poops a lot. I might take it out later on, since plecos get lazy after a while but I don't give him any gourmet flakes, hopefully he actually cleans the algae off when the lights are out :)
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    I finally was able to get a good snapshot of my fire mouth cichlid! It currently resides with my angels and colombian tetras along with my otos and 2 plecos and one eel :) He loves to eat the shrimp I put in the tank but I don't know if the eel ever gets to eat any? hmm... I'll keep a good close look when I feed my eel :)


    this is what I use and people say that it takes out the filmy residue that is at the top of the water, apparently it's known as protein that is at the top of the tank, so this thing does a good job but the plants block it. I might have to move the plants to my pond or different tanks.


    I have here a marble angel. I believe it is a male and my striped angel is a female. They seem to swim together, but they aren't purely mature yet I don't think. I might remove my firemouth cichlid when and if they ever do spawn.
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    Looks beautiful, Neji! Love your Marble Angel. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much for sharing :;hf
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    They sure are :) Fertilize them once a week with liquid fertilizer, lots of water changes and they are all very healthy :)
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    Thank you! :D I feed him mysis shrimp once every other day and he has grown very big :) well I hope he is actually a he xD and that my other angel is a girl because I'd love to have some small angels :)
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    Aw, your fire mouth looks like he is smiling!
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    Lol I love the cichlid :) but I might have to remove it if my angels spawn :(
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    Hello Neji,

    You have some beautiful fish! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I use a surface skimmer (I think that is what you have pictured there) in my Goldfish tank. It's attached to my Aqua Clear filter and it does a great job!

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    My amazon sword produced runners that blossomed new plants and they are blocking a lot of the water from going all around the tank, but I solved that problem :)