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I have not posted for a long time. So here I go. I bought two glow fish kits that came with everything I needed for my kids glow fish. I originally had them in 2 1 1/2 gallon tanks. I know now that glow fish are schooling fish. And they need to be in a group of 5-10 fish. Also that they need a minimum of a 20 gallon tank. I realized there was not an economical way to fix the problem. So I transferred them to the bigger 10 gallon tanks. And did not buy more fish. They have been doing great. Through all my mistakes, and learning. I clean the tanks every two weeks. I am starting to do a weekly 10-15% water change. And replace filters as needed. Usually every month. I only feed them in the morning. Switching between glow fish flakes and general flakes from lfs. I have had yrs of enjoyment from them. And eventually want s 55 gallon tank in the finished basement with 40-50 glow fish. My son’s fish is the tiger barb. And my daughters fish are the two Zebra danios. And thanks for all the advice and fishlores forum. I also enjoy looking and learning from YouTube videos. I have learned a lot. But know that there is a lot of mis information out there. So read and ask a lot of questions. I am and always will keep learning. And love this hobby. Thank you!

I could not load my two videos. So here are the two tanks. Two Zebra danios, and one tiger barb.


Tetras, danios and tiger barbs are schooling fish....which you mentioned you are aware of. Its great that you got them larger tanks. But Its a stressful life for schooling fish to live alone.

I HATE that the glofish brand has added sharks and barbs to their list of fish. Glofish most often end up in very small tanks, in childrens bedrooms just like this. I am not getting down on you. I am sorry. But this is a prime example of why that brand is terrible in my opinion!!

The tanks do look very pretty and I am sure the kids LOVE them. If you plan to keep these fish in these tanks, that is your choice. I personally wouldn't. BUT, if you do, you should give the barb a couple friends and the danios too. Obviously not a full school in a 10g. But some friends would help.

I can't believe I just suggested you add more fish to these tanks. HAHAHA I just think that they would be a bit happier with a couple friends. Even if the space is too small. Although, now that I think about it, I believe barbs don't do well in small schools. They can be pretty aggressive towards each other when they don't have a large school. So maybe that isn't the best plan after all. So smart of glofish brand to add aggressive sharks and barbs to their list for these little kid tanks!! (Sarcasm)

Its too bad you can't put them all in one larger tank. But I assume that can't happen due to each of the kids having their own. But those fish would be happier in a 20 gallon (or larger) with proper schools.

Any chance you could convince the kids to combine their fish? Maybe they would like the idea if it means they can get more of their fish and give them actual schools. If you haven't had the new tanks long, you might be able to return them. I have returned a tank to petsmart even after setting it up.

EDIT: would the kids allow their glofish to go into the 55 when you get it set up? A 55 gallon glofish tank would be cool! Too bad glofish brand doesn't encourage large tanks. Cuz that would be pretty spectacular to look at!


Thanks for sharing your update and photos! Good for you for putting the fish in 10 gallon tanks instead of very small tanks! Fish keeping is very rewarding. So glad you are enjoying it!

Fishlore is such a great place to learn more about fish keeping. Most of the people here are friendly and helpful, and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. As you think about what fish to put in your planned 55 gallon aquarium, feel free to post on this forum to get ideas about what fish would work well together. Planning a new stocking scheme is one of my favorite things to do!
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Hello, and thank you for your comments and suggestions. I had two tiger barbs. But the one left I think killed the other one. That’s why I did not get him another partner. I think about all your advice everyday. And I am doing research on fishlore and internet and YouTube. I don’t want to make a mistake. I plan on as big a tank as I can. Preferably a 55 gallon. These fish are at least two yrs old. And are healthy. I was worried about adding more fish. Due to disease and contamination. I’m a beginner and have done the best I can. I’m going to price s 55 gallon tank this weekend. But still in planning stage. I have learned s lot. And keep learning. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again

I bought a 55 gallon stand from walmart for $97.00 $105.00 with tax. I thought this was a great deal. I am trying to find a good deal on a new tank. I found a starter kit 55 gallon tank on walmart for $179.00 plus tax. That I am thinking of getting and then slowly replacing the filter with a canister filter or two and I would have to buy a heater, and would probably buy two for safety. I don't think petco can beat the walmart kit price even with the 50% off sale. So it would be new and I can make it the way I want to while saving my fish from their 10 gallon tanks.

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