Update on Molly and Guppy


Guppy is still persistent, and I've figured out that he is definitely trying to mate with my molly. My molly is starting to snap at him, which is totally understandable lol, but she also seems to be giving in a bit too. The guppy is starting to chase away the other guppy and my danio so they won't go near the molly. This reminds me of Animal Planet. Another thing...the guppy is doing this weird little shimmy i guess I can call it? What exactly is the reason behind that?? Can't take a video for whatever reason but here's a pic of the 2.


They want to breed to put it simply.

Some male fish do that to coax the female to breed with them or be compliant in breeding.

I see my cpds do this, my medal do this, and when I had guppies they would do this too.

You may get hybrids but they may be sterile. Still it would be interesting to see A yellow guppy mix with a Dalmatian molly. :rolleyes:

If you don’t want them to breed then you could get more females to drive his attention away or just separate them. He has a good taste in women heh.

Wish the best of luck to you!


Well, just wait and see if there will be a crossbreeding or not. But yes, adding female guppies to the tank might get him distracted from this female molly.

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