Update on Lisanna (female veiltail with the clamped fins)


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I recently posted about my female veiltail who originally had very clamped fins. She started her clamping a few days ago.
Then after it went along for more time and got worse, I started getting worried and posted a forum on help for her. I think it was something in the water, because it still smelled a bit chemically, and there were bubbles everywhere. So i opened her lid and tried to get some of the bubbles out. After a few hours, the bubbles on the sides began to disappear. The water also smelled less. Now, her fins are almost normal. Sometimes, she clamps them a tiny bit (especially when she realises that shes already eaten enough and I won't feed her anymore).
I think it was probably something wrong with her water and stress because of that, but now I think I have it fixed. I have her water prepared and conditioned for tomorrow's complete water change!
Thanks to all of you for giving me advice!

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