Update On Capt. America's Swim Bladder Issues



Just thought to give an update on my betta’s swim bladder issues and share what I did so someone else may benefit from it. We are 3 weeks in and I’m happy to say that he’s finally feeling better! A video to follow!

I lowered his tank water to 3 gallon and I had to macguyver his filter. He was getting tired and struggling trying to swim to the bottom of his 5 gallon yesterday and I could tell he’s frustrated. He had a Marina SlI'm S10 but it won't work with the lower water line so I put all the media in a glass cup & inserted an air stone. It’ll have to be for now.
When it first started, I thought he was overfed so I fasted him for 3 days. It didn't get better. I tried epsom salt bath once and he was so uncomfortable and it didn't help so I did not repeat it.

He won't eat peas and I'm not very comfortable in feeding him peas so I searched high and low for live daphnia as I couldn't find any frozen or freeze dried ones in my area. I have 4 daphnia cultures going on right now in case one of them crashes for my 3 bettas. I gut load the daphnia with green water and spirulina powder and he gets 2 per day in the last few days.

I will feed him Northfin pellet and Bug Bites soaked in garlicjuice in the next few days but he's still on daphnia for now and he has no trouble eating and digesting it.

My IAL finally came yesterday. Boiled them quickly and put them in his tank so now he's in tea water lol.

He has marimo moss balls, rooted spider plant and pothosin there which he likes. I had to take out the wisteria as he doesn't like the lights turned on. I also had to overturn his temple cave because he was getting stuck in it at the highest part so for now it'll have to be lying down for him to get in and out easily. And yes those are plastic plants but I've snag test it. He seemed to need it to feel extra safe since he can't swim properly.

So guys don't give up on your SB issue fish. As you see in the video he is actually swimming today and he would let me take a video! Usually he just hides!
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Good to see & hear he’s doing a lot better

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