Update on baby mollies

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    Hi all, Well i decided to keep the baby mollies in the 30 gal tank that they were born in so i put in the nursery cage. I have 5 in all and they are fast little rascals!! It took me an hour to catch them and my tank is planted too. I caught some in the net and the others i had to put a plastic cup in the corner and coax them in with the net and it worked!! Although the last one was a challenge, he/she was a bit more work,my back is killing me! Anyways, i fed them a very very small pinch of frozen krill because i didnt have brine and they all ate so i guess thats a good sign!. How can i or how do yall keep the adult fish in the tank away from the bottom of the nursery tank? They are trying to get the food and are scaring the babies. What could i put up under it? I was suppose to be cleaning and getting ready to go see my daughter tomorrow but here i am messing with fish again!! lol Whats new
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    LOL! Congrats on your successful capture!

    A picture would help a lot (plus photos are fun).

    You can crush regular flake food and give it to your fry.