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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by RazorTightMike, Apr 19, 2019.

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    First off...huge thanks to you all here at fishlore.. My original post was "Idk who or what to believe" .You fine folks taught me so much, without treating me like an idiot. The knowledge I've gained is priceless on my journey so THANK YOU! OK.. So come to find out, the place I was getting my RO water from wasnt maintaining their filters properly, my coworker got some to do a change and his 11 fish are now gone, his daughters fish! So now I'm thinking that was my original problem. I ended up restarting. Changed filter, got RO from a different source and took the advice I was originally given. Waited till next day and added fish... Lost 1... The other thrived. 2 weeks later added 2 of the same (longfin white skirt tetra). On tax day I added a Bolivian ram. I'm happy as ever, and finally enjoying my tank! Just wanted you all to know it's working lol I understand the nitrogen cycle much better now. Small victory but it has really made me happy. Have a great weekend yall! Keep those sleeves wet!
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    Good job!! I haven’t seen your previous threads, but just from this post, I’m proud of you!!:)

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    I am very happy to hear that you got the help you needed and even happier that all is going well now.
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    Thanks! You played a part in that as well.
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    I am happy that I was able to offer some help. Unlike the folks at the stores we aren't out to sell you anything. Our only goal is a healthy environment for your water pets. There are lots of ways to get to that point and none are really wrong, just different. Each person has to weed through all the advice and choose what works best for their situation. I always love hearing happy endings. :)
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    Where the pics man!?! Need to some the tank :)
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    Congrats man, that's awesome! You and I were in the same boat when we joined (so it sounds) and @mattgirl was a huge help for me as well! I just finished my cycle so I know what you're feeling. Keep it up and share that knowledge you learned with those here that were in that same spot as you. Enjoy your tank, you definately deserve it!
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    I got you!

    Added that rock for my ram (Ironman). Gonna get an updated pic tomorrow.

    Spot on! See, that's why you're a celebrity here lol

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    Og wow cool ram