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Update On 29 Gallon

  1. Reddpgd New Member Member

    So had this tank up and running for about 6 weeks now.

    Gh 0 - 30
    Kh 0 - 40
    Ph between 6.5-7
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0 - 20

    1 x Japanese Trap door snail
    6 x black phantom tetra
    6 x neon tetra
    6 x glo tetra
    3 x oto
    3 x blue coral platy

    5 marimo moss balls
    1 Java stick
    2 Java floating balls.

    As I said before I've done pretty much everything wrong and ended up with dumb luck of success... Or rather not failure.
    Weekly water changes with a full vacuum (like 80% water change)

    Just put a new filter in (kept the old in the filters reservoir to help spread the bb)
    Added some cuttlebone currently it floats.

    There is a fair amount of algae growth but I'm not trying to clean it out entirely (for the otos)

    I'm considering adding 3 Java moss mats on one side and about 10 (or more????) cherry red shrimp (as long as they don't bug the snail)

    The tank has a lot of stuff in it. Worried about bioload and also crowding

    In terms of the snail it's shell is doing something weird. It appears to be growing a lot... Like really a lot but also has some weird jagged ridge. Any ideas??
    Any more thoughts on bioload and shrimp possibility?

    Any other advice?
    Thoughs on a live plant or two?
  2. Reddpgd New Member Member


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