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So four weeks ago I embarked on a journey to god knows where lol
I have a 190 litre tank
Pond solutions external EF 1000+ filter with spray bar.
Small powerhead
Temp 78F
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates hover around 12.5 to 18.0
Ph 7.5
I used seeded filter media and tetra safe start to cycle my tank
I never got an ammonia spike or any other spike.
My tank inhabitants started as
Common pleco = gone to a bigger tank
4 WCMM = gone to my 30 litre cycled tank no heater.
1 Betta = still a resident.
2 Honey Gouramis
So two weeks after I started my cycle I have altogether
1 Betta = gets on fine with all the others no flaring /chasing and he is not hassled either
2 Honey Gouramis
6 fantail danios
5 Panda corys
1 Chinese algae eater
4 Swordtails
17 live plants = java ferns, Amazon sword, anubias and crypts all thriving lots of new growth in leaves and roots.

Will get a few more corys and others in a few weeks.
Really happy with the outcome
A few diatoms started but they are clearing up now.

Hope you all like it
Just want to thank everyone who helped me over the last month.
I really appreciate it️
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