Unsettled Tank Mates

  1. Rich G

    Rich G New Member Member

    Hi been a while since I have had to seek help. Recently purchased 8 clown barbs and 8 snakeskin barbs done a little research and although they are barbs I and the lfs agreed they a both good community fish however since adding after quarantine my rummy nose tetra have all died, no signs of actual damage caused to them.

    My question is are either barbs likely to be stressing out the other fish in my tank and now they have dispatched all my rummynose will my lemon tetra be next? What's people general experience with snakeskin and clown barbs?
  2. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Rummy noses are incredibly sensitive to water pollution. Both those barb species are rowdy, heavy eaters, and while I have never kept clown barbs, I used to breed rhomboocellatus/snakeskins (snakeskin is a new name for them to me - I've seen the English name as rhomboids or rhombos here). They needed 30-40% water changes every week to thrive. Could a drop in water quality with a lot of new fish that eat heavily have done in the rummys?
    They would also outcompete the tetras for food.
    I love the fish, but barbs are the bouncy puppies of fishkeeping.

    That must be a great store if it offers species like that. Even in good stores here, you rarely see those fish.
  3. slayer5590

    slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    I would think the much larger growing clowns could cause problems with your smaller fish later on.
  4. OP
    Rich G

    Rich G New Member Member

    Thanks for the replies, I have been checking water quality Inc ammonia nitrite, nitrate and hardness and they haven't really changed. I have been doing 30% water changes as well.

    I am considering may be the rummy nose had been stressed out by how fast the clowns move I have 4 that are pretty large.

    My lfs is amazing although he keeps trying to sell me 2 wild caught discus and a a new tank to keep them in!