Unrooted Microswords

  1. Nicoldeme

    Nicoldeme Valued Member Member

    So quite a while back, at least 3 months, I bought microswords. They were some of my first live plants, so I'm pretty sure I was horrific to them in the beginning. I bought two bunches, and now there's just one relatively thin one, and I just wanted to know whether they could grow floating? They're really just a jumbled mess so I have no idea were the roots are going to come from, should I just lightly push them into the gravel? RIght now, they're in a 2.5 with my betta. I put a half or so dose of API Leaf Zone once every week or two. I don't really have a schedule, sorry :)
  2. Skyy2112

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    Does your Leaf Zone contain CO2 (carbon dioxide), nitrates, iron, and basic macro/micro organisms?

    These are what plants need to grow.

    Nitrates are fish waste turned into food for plants by the nitrogen cycle,

    CO2 is more plant food,

    Iron, micro/macro organisms are all needed elements/compounds for plant growth.

    There are almost no ferts that do all, however, depending on light, it can very well grow. I wish you luck.

    PS yes root plants can grow out of the substrate, (if you used regular gravel is didnt really make a change) special substrates contain nutrients, or dirt.
  3. TexasDomer

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    The microsword needs to be planted.

    It's possible your lighting isn't enough.
  4. OP

    Nicoldeme Valued Member Member

    I should've thought more about it before I bought them... but we've all done impulsive shopping before, right? ???
  5. Skyy2112

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  6. OP

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    Oh gosh :p Us seeing a fish we like, knowing we should do research first, but they just make us love them like: :;jaws