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TheFISH12 said:
Lol I was asking why you didn't like Honey Gouramis but you answered it anyways so it's fine.
Oops! Sorry, I misunderstood


ahouseofscales said:
I'm sure they're great, I just honestly don't really like their coloration! I prefer dwarf gouramis or the wild coloration of thick-lips.
I get that. The coloration difference is exactly why I was confused by all the honey love I see on the forum. It is definitely a fish that I think the personality WAY overshadows the beauty. But everyone gets their own opinion...I most certainly have my own. We should make a thread about people's opinions that aren't as popularly held by others.....Oh wait...


I personally have a dwarf gourami pair who are really peaceful, maybe an unpopular opinion is that dwarf gouramis are hardy a d peaceful, but that's me!
Another unpopular opinion I have is that because of this thread, it's making me realize unpopular opinions are common.

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