Unplanted, freshwater, side drilled tank, canister filter - how to set up


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I have a 180 gallon tank in the reception area of my clinic. It is viewable from front, back, and one end. Because of this I went with a drill the tank. It is drilled in one end. I plan to use an FX6 canister filter and am going with an unplanted, freshwater tank to help keep maintenance simple. I had the tank made with 4 holes in one end in case one filter wasn’t enough and I needed two in the future. I plan to plug two of the holes with bulkheads. My question is how should I set everything up? This is my first tank and I don’t know much about hooking up a drilled tank. The instructions for the filter is for over the top installation. It came with a locline return and strainer and I don’t even know where they go in the tank lol, might be in over my head! I’ve attached a diagram of the drilledend of my tank. Any help would be appreciated!


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