Unnatural Growth(pics)

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    Unnatural Growth (pics)


    First, I apologize if this is not in the appropriate forum. I'm not quite sure where to post it.

    I have two questions about two things that are growing in my tank. Both of the questions are "What is it?" and I have provided photos to help out with the identification.

    The first one is this . . . "thing" that is growing off of my Java Fern leaf. All my Java Ferns have those little green protruding things. They are a little bit hard and scrape off easily even without using my fingernail. On a closer look they look like part of the plant itself, but I am not sure. Is it supposed to be there? Also, it is only on the underside of the leaves.

    The second one is that white substance that looks like wet cotton. It was originally growing on (and only on) the suction cups that hold my air stone. Nowhere else. When it was in its undisturbed form, it looks like a little piece of fluffy cotton, white, or pinkish-white in appearance. Slimy to the touch. I got as much out as I could, and put some of in on the Java Fern leaf so that you can see it against the dark background. I'm sorry that the photos are not of better quality.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Butterfly

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    Those green things are new java ferns growing :) I don't have a clue what the white stuff is. Hope you don't mind that I moved this the the aquarium plant forum. you'll get more answers there.
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    The white stuff is like some kind of algae I get it a lot on my CO2 airtone and sometimes on the filter where the water comes out. The green stuff are new Java ferns plants like Carol mentioned above. If you feel like this algae is going to affect your plants because is growing a lot just rinse them out in clean water and put them back in the tank. I use a brush to scrape this stuff every week or so.
  4. Nutter

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    As stated above the little green things are new plants forming. With the white stuff it could well be what Riv has mentioned, I've had the same thing as he described in a tank once but around the suction caps for filter pipes, heaters etc. Would it be possible for you to post the best pic you can get of it in the tank though? It's hard to say for certain what it is without seeing it in it's unchanged form & location.
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    Yeah, if it comes back (it probably will) I will do my very best to provide photos of it when it's undisturbed.

    I will make a separate post about that.

    One more question, if anyone looks this far: my Java Ferns are dark green, with some even darker spots on the leaves. Basically, they don't look like the vibrant bright green that you would associate with healthy growth. Now, I realize they simply may not be bright green to begin with, but they look like they are suffering from something. I think the water quality is OK, could it be lighting? Stress? Aliens?
  6. Butterfly

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    Most likely Aliens ;) Seriously sometimes Java Fern frowth isn't bright green
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    The white stuff looks like the gunk that builds up on a DIY CO2 air stone. I get some on an airstone once in a while. It doesn't do any harm and can be easily rinsed off by rubbing the air stone under running water.
  8. Nutter

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    The Java Fern colour is probably just the conditions it is grown under. So long as it is growing & seems healthy, (eg: no brown spots), then it is probably fine.