Unkowen Disease?


Yesterday afternoon/early evening I noticed that my elephant nose had white spots on his face. He didn't have them in the morning or afternoon. This was around 6-7pm. I thought it was ICH. I left and went out for a while then got home a little after 11pm and check in on him and found the white spots had turned into open sores that he was rubbing his face on what ever he could. I removed him from the tank and put him in the q tank. He did eat when I tried to feed him. His breathing seemed rapid also. This morning around 6-7am he was still alive and his entire face was pale and had open sores on it, then around 8am he stopped living. This was very quick, and I am worried about what it could be and what might happen to the other fish in the tank. I looked at the page with the disease chart, but not sure what it is. Maybe HITH disease or even worse Columnaris (Cotton Wool Disease)


I don't know what it is but I'm sorry to hear about your elephant nose.... :'(


Sounds like HITH disease to me. Sorry for your lose
Would do a large water change just for your other fish. keep an eye on them.
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The dolphin fish now in teh tank has a big white patch on hos back and now is very lathargic and swimming upside down. This thing works very fast. This will be 3 fish 2 elephant nose and a dolphin in just over 24 hours.

Carol I did a 20% water change yesterday morning and then I did a 35% water change late last night. All my numbers are ok
PH 7.2
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10

I am just not sure what To do.

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