Unknown snails

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    Hey guys! So, a while back, ( a couple months or so) i got about 30lbs of eco-complete from some guy for 15 bucks. it had been sitting in my closet for about a month, maybe a little longer, waiting for me to get my tank set up so i could start cycling it. Im doing a fishless cycle, as i was about to start dosing the ammonia, i noticed a little spiral shelled snail on the glass. Im a little confused as to how it survived in my closet, ( when he gave me the substrate it was slightly moist) then i noticed two more, one was big, as I type this theyre currently burrowing into my substrate, which means theres probably alot more. Just scanning the surface of my substrate i see about ten sticking out. I have no idea what kind of snail they are, if they are the pest kind, or what i should do with them as im going to start cycling my tank today. Ive included some pictures. Thanks for all your help!

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    thats what i first assumed, just cause of their shape, so they arent neccessarily a bad thing? What should i do with them while i cycle my tank, i know they wont survive the pure ammonia and my 10g betta tank isnt completely cycled yet, so i dont think they could handle it. could i keep them in my one gallon? its unheated but its not full of ammonia. any suggestions?
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    I've purposely put them in all of my tanks and think they're wonderful, AS LONG AS the tank isn't overfed. If overfed, they will explode and over run the tank. Otherwise, they are very healthy for the tank. I'm not sure that they'll die during the cycling. I know they can withstand some pretty horendous conditions.

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    Yeah try keeping them in the 1 gallon if any dies, pick it off. They MULTIPLY QUICKLY! Other than that I don't really have any other suggestions. Please read the link I gave you as some do see them as pests.
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    Like being in his closet for awhile? LOL I think if you add the eco to your tank it'll help cycle your tank quicker assuming the eco came from an established tank. As a precaution, add the big MTS into your 1g.
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    BTW, the population explosion from consistant overfeeding is delayed by maybe a month. Cutting back on feeding will starve the snails, bringing the population back in check. That is also on a delay, by about 2-3 months.

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    alright, ive sifted through as much of the gravel and found as many as possible, including the big one, and threw them in my little tank, its got the little undergravel filter going off of my big air pump just so theres SOME kind of filtiraton. Thanks for all your help guys! hopefully they will stay alive in the one gallon till i get my 29 gallon cycled!