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  1. TracyB

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    Hi all. Here is a strange one. I have a 20 gallon goldfish tank that I set up approximately 11 weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago I noticed I had a new inhabitant in the tank (a snail). It seems to be growing rather rapidly. Here's the thing, there are no live plants (only artificial) which were purchased new along with all decorations, gravel etc which were also purchased new. The tank was used but was empty when I bought it. First off I have no idea where it would have come from and second I'm trying to figure out what it is.It is a bright red in colour and not the norm of a snail transfered from a freshwater aquarium or plants. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Yeoy

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    You might have to post a photo to get an ID. I have heard of fish eating snail eggs, then pooping them out, then baby snail. They start off so small it could have been on anything.
  3. Junne

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    Here is a picture of different snails. Do any of them look like these?

    different snails.jpg
  4. JoannaB

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    Look for pictures of red Ramshorn snails on google images search, and see whether your snail looks like that.
  5. OP

    TracyBNew MemberMember

    That's exactly what it looks like, thanks. But I'm still confused on how it possibly would have got there.
  6. JRC3

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    Whens the last time you added new fish from the lfs? Could've been a hichiker in the bag.
  7. monkeypie102

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    It happened to me at my local petsmart she fished out a black neon and didn't notice the tiny TINY pond snail that was floating in the tank when she scooped it up with the neon... not that i minded I love "pest" snails but it could have been a floater mixed with the goldfish... but give the golds some time they are known to eat snails... my petsmart uses them for snail removal... not smart but effective in most cases
  8. Fashooga

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    I wouldn't doubt that it was a hitchhiker when you first got the fish. It could have came from the water or what not. If anything your gold fish will eventually eat them, if they are small enough and next thing you know your gold fish will be the size of a NBA players shoe.
  9. JRC3

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    I deliberately have ramshorns in my non puffer tanks...Great little cleaners and their numbers stay small if not overfed.