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    I purchased some live rock yesterday from a local and he gave me the live rock in a bucket. I later found out that this piece of macro algae was in the bucket. I'm looking for some help identifying it since I cannot find anything that really seems to match based on my google searches. The lighting isn't the best in the picture but it is a dark green color.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

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    I've looked at chaetomorpha, while it vaguely resembles it I don't believe that's what it is. I wouldn't call this stuff quite as wirey as what chaetomorpha is.
  4. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    Sorry i couldn't help more!
  5. Kyle.New MemberMember

    Thanks for trying! I've done quite a bit of googling and can't find anything that resembles it. My girlfriend also has her B.S. in Marine Biology and can't identify it :bored:
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    Well I'll be interested in an update if you find out! Wish you luck!
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    Here's two more images if it helps


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    Kind of hard to tell from the photos, but I am pretty sure that's chaetomorpha.

    Depending on the lighting they get, they can be fluffy or dense, and light or dark.

    Chaeto is good stuff. I run them in the back of my tank with a light.
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    figured you would know! I wouldn't have had a clue except I saw your post about it before. Thanks for helping!
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    Thanks both of you. Since I got a second opinion that it was chaeto, I took a second look at it and it does look like it in certain pictures. I think it's just that I was looking at pictures where it was light green that threw me off.

  12. Kyle.New MemberMember

    Alright guys, I didn't think chaeto grew leaflike structures? I just got home from work and noticed this new growth. @meyowmeow @MightyNanoTank
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    Well i hardly know anything about saltwater but hopefully @MightyNanoTank might know?
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    That looks like some caulerpa mixed in to me. Those leaves are not part of the chaeto.
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    What LJC said, looks like caulerpa. Neato!
  16. Kyle.New MemberMember

    Yes, you guys were right. After a week or so I decided it was some Caulerpa prolifera mixed in with chaetomorpha. The caulerpa has really taken off, while the chaeto....not so much.

    Thanks guys!
  17. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    I can't get my chaeto to grow either! I'm pretty sure it's smaller than it was when I bought it 4 months ago!
  18. NartWell Known MemberMember

    @Kyle. @LJC6780 Are you guys running any protein skimmers?

    Well, for Kyle, it looks like his caulerpa is out competing the chaeto for food. You can always move the Caulerpa into a dimmer lit area and move the chaeto to a higher lighting area.
    Also, you have to remember, macro algae will really only grow if there's excess nutrients for it to consume and a lighting source. Otherwise, if the water is too clean, you won't see much growth, which is kind of a good thing.
    My chaeto has good growth. I have a plant grow light on my chaeto. Usually by Day 7 right before my water change, my Nitrates are at 2PPM and Phosphates at 0.02PPM.
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    Yes, I just added a sump to my system with a Reef Octopus Int skimmer set up in it. The calp is currently in the display tank since I can control it and it's doing well until I get some corals. The chaeto was moved down into the sump with a light since it didn't seem to be doing to well in the DT and is pretty unsightly. I attached a picture to show how much the calp has grown in a month!

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    Yes I have a Skimmer and change Filter Socks every 3-7 days. My phosphates are low, around 0.02 but my nitrates are not by any means. I know I over feed. My chaeto was previously in a biocube with a light on it. Phosphates were more around 2 probably and nitrates were always high, like 20+! I didn't have a gfo and couldn't seem to get nitrates down by feeding sparingly once daily and doing regular water changes. Not sure what was going on. Chaeto did horribly in that tank and hasn't really changed since moving it to the new 85 mixed reef. I even had caulerpa and a couple of red macros that all seemed to do really well at first, growing quickly, but then all of the sudden they started to disappear. I have 1 twig of caulerpa that somehow survived and a couple small twigs of I think the gracilaria. (Sort of a red subwassertang looking one). Nothing seems to be growing. I have a light on it on an opposite schedule form the display.

    Kyle your caulerpa looks to be doing well! That's how mine looked at first and grew super quickly! Be careful though, it can attach to the rocks and I've heard can be hard to get rid of.