Unknown Issue With Fish???

  1. Iluvfishies

    Iluvfishies Valued Member Member

    72C1EF3D-034B-482B-ADEF-FCF23BAF60FB.jpeg 4A437FE8-751D-4F87-86A3-891404D90470.jpeg FC87C240-90A0-4A0F-9065-749BB1871D23.jpeg 8B23D9BC-C7BF-45AA-B275-C2182E0E3DB8.jpeg 703242C6-64C5-4280-A833-E5675BB7893C.jpeg 3BB9D7F8-7704-4BE2-90DF-E2693AE83E4D.jpeg CDACE3D5-FC5C-40BE-BC5E-C29A19E5EDBE.jpeg Anyone have any idea what this Bump could be on my fish? Parameters of my water are always basically perfect. I take well care of them, but when I got him, he seemed to have this. Doesn’t have any issues, isn’t scared and eats and stuff. Any ideas?
  2. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    It could be a cyst? I had a goldfish with similar bumps, I wound up lancing them to get all the stuff out.

    I would keep an eye on it. If it eventually bursts, treat with hydrogen peroxide swabs and frequent water changes. If it starts growing, it may be a tumor. In that case, you can’t really do anything except call a vet and get it removed. Good luck, let’s hope it isn’t something serious!