Unknown Ilness In B

  1. CHIMERA Well Known Member Member

    IMG_1151.JPG IMG_1150.JPG Hey guys! I have a recently-acquired young female betta that was properly quarantined and examined. Several weeks after adding her to the sorority, I noticed she wasn't as active as the others and held her fins slightly clamped. I promptly separated her with a floating plastic cup (I don't own a quarantine tank) and gave a more thorough look-over. She appears to have gained a fading patch on her dorsal fin area with the fin being a bit tattered. I presume that it can't be my water quality, since I've been keeping it at fairly good conditions at all times. It might appear as columnaris or of that sort, but at this point it should have appeared on everybody else. They are all very healthy fish. To cover grounds before the worst might happen, I added water with a very small dilution of quick cure, bettafix, and aquarium salt. Honestly it appears more as a swollen pale spot than anything latching and/or fuzzy onto that area or necrosis of some kind. I'm also not really at a financial liberty to invest in some medication right now. (Running on minimum wage here)

    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    Nitrite: 0 ppm
    Nitrate: 0-5 ppm
    Weekly to Biweekly 25% water changes on 10g planted tank (but now 1 betta in a cup given hourly small dechlorinated water additions)
    Sponge filter and Tetra Whisper 10i
    Stocked with 2 Juvenile guppies and 5 juvenile female bettas
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I would suspect columnaris, it doesn't have to appear on all the fish at the same time. In fact it's probably present in most tanks it just doesn't appear until a fish is susceptible to it through being stressed or having another disease that lowered its immunity. Since she was the last into the sorority I would suspect stress as the trigger since she's the last one trying to fit into the hierarchy of the sorority.

    I also wouldn't mix so many medications since together they can cause more stress. Skip the Melafix, it's not a medication, but it is an oil and has the potential to interfere with her labyrinth organ. I'm also leery of salt but it may help. Stick with frequent water changes and Quick Cure if that's what you have. Do you have any others on hand like Iodine or Methylene Blue?
  3. CHIMERA Well Known Member Member

    I don't think I have methylene Blue, but I think I have leftover API fungal powder meds and hydrogen peroxide. She is the bottom of the pecking order so maybe it is stress, but I'm mostly concerned that it looks like swelling on her side.
  4. CHIMERA Well Known Member Member

    Also forgot to mention that she showed fading for a while but not as bad until now.
  5. CHIMERA Well Known Member Member

    I've decided to treat the whole tank as a precaution. I suspect that all my females are infected due to nipping.
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Maybe add some tannins as well to support their immune systems. Plus tannins have some mild antibiotic properties.

    If you don't have Indian Almond Leaves you can use dead oak, beech, or other hardwood leaves or the dead sticks of the same. I've also heard of using rooibos tea.
  7. CHIMERA Well Known Member Member

    I do have a couple almond leaves lying in the tank already, as well as malaysian driftwood.