Unknown cause of death?!?!

  1. chloep123 Member Member

    Well a good few months ago I started a tank, cycled with TSS and bought a betta and two nerite snails. Well around two weeks ago one of the snails (Boris for anyone who is interested) died, as when I picked him up to check on him he totally disintegrated, leaving an empty shell in my hand... Well yesterday I concluded the other snail (Brian) had sadly passed on too... He was still in his shell but smelt really bad and wouldn't retract if I touched his foot. So I was wondering, what killed them? Details on the tank below:
    2.5-ish gallon no plants
    Nitrate-10 (due a water change tomorrow)
    Sadly these results were only today's not when either snail died

    First snail death:
    Nitrate-0 (straight after water change)

    I have been using prime with a weekly 30-50% water change

    Any help would be much appreciated, the snails are missed a lot and there is concern over Sus the Betta's safety

  2. beavlee123 Member Member

    Do you have any metal in the tank? Like when you buy plants, and they have the flexible metal keeping them bunched together.

  3. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm sorry for your losses.

    In addition to the metal question (and to add on, are your pipes copper), anything new in the tank, any medicines used, anything odd that could have gotten into the tank?

    If the tank is just one betta and there isn't much algae or build up of anything in it, were you feeding them anything supplemental?

    How had they been acting previously? The temp is a little high for nerites.
  4. chloep123 Member Member

    No metal in the tank, as far as I know not copper pipes, and no new medicine or other. I wasn't feeding anything additional as I was told they probably wouldn't eat it as there is enough in the tank. Beforehand, they were fine, moving a lot, nothing seemingly wrong... Temperature is at 26*c. Thanks for your help

  5. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    They probably wouldn't have eaten it, and usually there's enough in a tank for the nerites. Was just tossing it out there since some betta tanks can be notoriously clean :)

    Was looking at the 28 degrees in your profile, 26 is fine.

    Did you add salt to the tank for any reason?
  6. chloep123 Member Member

    Oh yea sorry I didn't update my profile, I'll do that soon...

    There have been no additional items in the tank at all... It's a total mystery to me as to what has happened...
  7. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Do you happen to know ph, gh, and kh?

  8. chloep123 Member Member

    Oh I haven't tested those in a while, I can get results by tomorrow though!
  9. chloep123 Member Member

    Right I haven't got actual numbers, but both gh and kh are around 12-15 and ph is at 6
  10. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    The pH is rather low for them, which could have led to shell damage, but I don't know if two months would have been long enough for that to happen... how did their shells look? Any pitting or white areas?

    GH and KH look good :)

  11. chloep123 Member Member

    There seemed to be no shell problems, over the couple of months there was around 1/2 a centimetre of growth actually.
  12. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Was any work done on water lines near you? Any flooding nearby?
  13. chloep123 Member Member

    No not that I know of... It's all very mysterious!
  14. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Was Sus picking on them at all or did he basically ignore them?

    How big were they?
  15. chloep123 Member Member

    For the first couple of days, Sus would swim around them, and sort of nip at them (but he wasn't successful) and then after a few days he gave up and ignored them. They were around two centimetres (sorry, I just corrected the above "half inch" of growth)
  16. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Hm, well it sounds like betta stress is ruled out.

    I'm beginning to think maybe they were just older when you got them.
  17. chloep123 Member Member

    Possibly... I don't know how old they are so it could be
  18. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    They usually get to around 2cm. I'm not sure how old they were when you got them, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything in the tank that may have been a concern :)
  19. chloep123 Member Member

    So no threat to Sus?
  20. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Not that I can find in anything that's been discussed. He still acting alright?