Unique new platy


We also have a new female platy that is 3/4 black with a white neck(some black spots) and a bit of orange on her head. Her tail is very unique also as the middle of her tail is about 1/2 a cm longer than the rest of her tail, sort of looks like a sword. Does anyone know what type of platy or were I could get more specific platy types info.


Wow what a neat fish! I would love to see a photo!

I have an odd looking Molly, a baby of my black molly. She is orange with spots, but with white on her underbelly, and one white and one black eye. Totally a keeper baby fish!



She's a keeper! Looks like a cross between a reg wagtail platy and a dalmation platy, with an extra large black 'wag'. Sounds like she's got a bit of swordtail in her too. Very interesting platy! I'd love to find some like her, she's a beauty.

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