Unidentified Plant (update: Identified As A Cryptocoryne Wendtii "tropica"

  1. BrettMad

    BrettMad New Member Member

    Last of the questions I am posting about plants today, the type pictured below was included in the first stage of plants that were added to my aquarium by the couple that is helping. She added several plants that I did not get charged for, either because they are not doing particularly well or because she picked up a number of plants for her own aquarium at the same time she picked up plants from mine and decided to include a couple just to help me get started.

    Because I am not charged for them, they do not appear on the invoice. One of them died off entirely, I have two of the ones pictured below as the other type. Any help identifying this? Take a photo of the other one of these and post it if it may help identify them.

  2. Demeter

    Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Yep, the lady knows her plants. Tis indeed a crypt wendtii, I've got dozens myself and they grow like mad once they're established.