Unidentified fish illness

  1. Gregorio Castorena Initiate Member

    Hi, i'm new to the forums and I am in desperate need of an answer. I have had my 40 gallon tank running for about 5 years with weekly maintenance. Very recently i noticed that my Parrot Cichlid has gotten these weird specks on it's skin and has gotten very inactive. If anyone can please help me ID this illness, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Photo Jul 26, 2 30 22 PM.jpg Photo Jul 26, 2 30 16 PM.jpg Photo Jul 26, 2 30 06 PM.jpg
  2. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi Gregorio, Welcome to Fishlore!

    Could you please post what your most current water chemistry results are for PH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, also, by chance, have you added any new fish to your tank within the past months? I'm suspecting flukes. Also, i've moved your thread to the freshwater disease section of the forum. Thanks.

  3. Gregorio Castorena Initiate Member

    Thank you for your response ! I have not added any new fish in 2 years actually, the last fish I added was an angelfish. They both seem to get along well. The angelfish seems to not have any signs of illness yet, i'm hoping whatever it is doesn't spread. Also I have never ever had a fish get sick in this tank before, this is why it seems odd to me a little.

    My water chem readings since the last water change/cleaning I did according to my test kit are:

    pH: 7.5

    Nitrate:20-30 ( I do have algae growth)
    Temp: Around 74 F

    I use Prime to treat my new water during water changes and have always used that from the start.

    I also do use EasyBalance to help control the Nitrate levels and Algae Control to help me get rid of the algae.

    I hope this info can help !


    Right Pectoral fin has started to show signs of damage.
  4. Gregorio Castorena Initiate Member

    Yeah, I think it's too late. It's body is bent and she's on her side breathing.. surprisingly at a normal rate? But yeah, it can't even swim without being disoriented and slamming against the tank.

  5. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Do you know how old the fish was when you purchased him/her ? It may be age.
  6. Gregorio Castorena Initiate Member

    I purchased her 5 years ago, it still had the coloration of a unmatured Parrot Cichlid. So i'm sure it's not that old.
  7. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    I hate to see that your fish isn't feeling up to par. I'm a bit concerned about the first photo as it appears the fishes belly is swollen possibly due to constipation or possibly a tumor. It surely looks abnormal to my eyes.

    Have you seen the fish have a bowel movement recently? If not, try feeding the fish thawed frozen peas as this will act as a laxative. Thaw the pea, slice it in half and remove the skin then slice to sizes the fish can easily swallow. Canned peas may contain salt and other additives the fish does not need thus the suggestion to use thawed frozen peas. They have already been blanched so all you need to do is what I have mentioned above. (if the fish will even eat)

    If it has a tumor, there really isn't anything you can do. If it's a tumor it will be swollen on 1 side only and if the fish is constipated, it will be swollen on both sides. Try and look down on the fish to determine which one it may be if either. If it's a tumor, it may survive for a while longer and the tumor may grow.

    The fishes coloring is truly off. Even though this species can change their coloring according to their mood, your fish really does appear to be ill.

    How is the fish this morning? As far as the colored patches are concerned, these fish can display black blotches from time to time and is completely normal, some say they are caused by stress which your fish apparently is. The blotches on your fish appear to be brown though so I'm not certain this is the issue.

    The eyes appear to be a little off which also leads me to believe the fish really isn't well.

    Wish I could help you more! Best wishes and please keep us posted.

    Please do not use chemicals for algae control. Chemicals designed to Kill or Destroy anything is not good for your Aquarium and fish. It may kill off more than just the algae. If you are having algae issues then you should get to the root of the problem which is more than likely a lighting issue. If you have your tank lights on for more than 8 hours per day, I would suggest that you reduce the amount of time the lights are on. Such chemicals may harm the fish and destroy your cycle.

    Remember, we are trying to mimic a natural environment and the fewer chemicals/treatments/medications we subject our fish to, the better off the fish and aquarium are going to be.

    Too, Nerite Snails and Bristle Nose Plecos can help with algae control, but be careful not to overstock your aquarium.

    Your Nitrates can be controlled via more frequent water changes and without the use of Easy Balance.

    Keep the water as pristine as you've been doing.

    Again, best wishes for your fish and aquarium!


  8. Gregorio Castorena Initiate Member

    Phew, Thank you for all of that info Ken. Sadly she passed away this morning. I will keep all the information you've given me close to mind though, thank you again for your advice and info. And before she died she didn't eat for a solid 2 weeks and no bowel movements either. I have also stopped using the Algae destroyer, I might purchase a UV Light to help with the problem and to minimize the chances of another illness to take over the tank. Thanks again !
  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    So hate to hear about your loss. I know how difficult it is to lose a favorite fish. The last one (Bloody Parrot) that I lost was 14 years old and had a tumor and it grew and grew and finally the fish passed. Even though the fish had the tumor it was still eating and swimming upright so I let the fish pass on its own time.

    Hang in there! Sometimes things happen that we simply have no control over.