unhatched brine shrimp bad?

  1. v

    vasqua03 Valued Member Member

    Wanted to know how bad feeding unhatched eggs and empty shells is for my fish. I have to finds a better way to get the live baby brine shrimp into my tank without pouring out most of everything else. Everything is just sooo tiny!
  2. I_Have_Fissues

    I_Have_Fissues New Member Member

    You might find this article quite helpful: http://www.angelsplus.com/ArticleArtemiaShells.htm

    I use a shot glass to capture the hatched brine and pour them into the fry tank. Shells get in there too, but I haven't had any casualties lately, so my guess is that it's ok. The article seems to support that as well.

    And yes... tiny! At least we don't have to hatch anything to feed to the baby brine... sheesh! :;pumpkin
  3. c

    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    That could be amusing:).