unexpected bunch of baby mollies, what do I do?

Discussion in 'Molly' started by NikkiZinsky, Aug 10, 2015.

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    So recently my Betta Sebastian died, after moving on my 5.5 gallon tank felt a little empty so I went to look for a new buddy and saw some mollies. I got two thinking they didn't look too big for a 5.5 gallon and they were really cute. Well I noticed the black one was starting to look a little large in the belly, afraid it was dropsy I did some research. turns out she might have been pregnant so I waited for months and months. The male, or at least I found out it was a male, died though about a week ago and today after playing Dungeons and Dragons for 5 hours (yes i'm a nerd) I came back to find a bunch of baby mollies swimming around, and away from their mother. I quickly scooped out all I could find (didn't really count but i'm guessing close to 30-40) rushed out, bought the largest tank I could find at walmart since my local pet stores were all closed, brought the 3 gallon tank home and...now I don't know what to do. I've got all the babies in there and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I know they'll outgrow this tank and i'm sure i'm going to be a devil spawn for putting them in the 5.5g since fish keepers always seem to tell me no matter what kind of fish I have a 5.5 is too small for anything. but I would like to keep maybe 1 or 2.
    so what do I do? how do I raise them? what do I do? I don't have much money or space for anything larger than MAYBE another 5.5 gallon tank.
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    If you don't have space for anything larger then you probably won't be able to grow out too many. You're going to need either baby brine shrimp (They come in packets and you can hatch them in bought shrimp factories) or Hikari first bites. Usually once they get big enough you'd put them in a 40 breeder to grow out but being in a small tank they most likely will come out stunted and deformed.

    You could either cull all but about 5 or so other than that and keep them. Normally pet stores will not take your mollies because they are SO easy to breed and usually guppies and other live-bearers are kept as a single gender to prevent hordes of babies.

    I'd say you should decide now if you are eventually going to be able to support 30-40 mollies that will grow to 2-4 inches which would require probably a 75g tank.
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    Adult mollies can get around 5" when full grown, which is way too big for a 5.5g tank, they really need around a 30g. Imo, you should rehome the mollies and look around for something that will stay small enough to live comfortably in the tank you have since you're unable to upgrade. They could become stunted (internal organs continue to grow while their bodies do not) if left in the 5.5g tank, which is a very painful way to die I'd imagine.

    You can feed baby mollies flake food, just crush it up until it's almost a powder, you sometimes have to sink them under the surface for the first few days until they get the hang of eating from the top.

    The babies will likely end up stunted if they're allowed to grow out more than a couple weeks in the little tank I'm sorry to say, a lot of lfs will take fry off your hands which may be the most humane option for you.

    Best of luck to you.

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