Uneducated Petsmart Workers ?

  1. fish time Well Known Member Member

    So yesterday I went to visit the petsmart to see what they had on the menu so I saw they had albino corys but that wasn't so surprising to me I also saw bronze and pepperd but I still wasn't so surprising but what did surprise me was I saw strabia corys only 4 by the way but I was thinking it was cool so I asked them how do you guys get these fish to survive when people are shipping them to your store and I told them all about the releasing toxins thing and they said to me we really don't know what that is and then I felt as if I was the only one who knew about those species of corys releaseing toxins I felt strange as if they thought I was crazy but it least I'm a little more educated about corys than them
  2. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    Doesn't surprise me that they are uneducated. Most of them are not educated when it comes to fish. Only a few are educated in it in fish keeping. Most of the employees there want to play with puppies and kittens. Fish is just a nickel and dime profit for the company, only for people looking to buy dog food to migrate to the fish wall. You look at them and you go home and think "Geez, I think I can handle a fish."

  3. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Agreed. Name another "pet" that is as demanding as a fish ecosystem. Forget to feed your dog for a day.....not a huge deal. By the way I love my dog. Aquariums, however, require chemistry, extensive research, and information. Thanks to forums such as this one people have a shot but almost every aquarium hobbyist goes through the school of hard knocks.....and then they hang it up altogether or they dig in amd research for themselves. Most rewarding pet in my opinion. Btw I consider plants a pet too. And aquascaping is a whole new level of commitment, and SOOO rewarding.
  4. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    We learn about the things that interest us. My lawnmower died today, and I can't fix it. It's a 1992 model, so I guess it's time. When I went to the local store, the woman there looked at me like my lack of knowledge was pitiful. But I don't care about small engines.
    I just use them.
    Sure, I could tell her how to breed rare fish, but that's my interest, not hers.
    Most people in fish stores need a job. If the corporations that hire them don't care about training, and provide no incentives for them to stick around and gain skills, don't blame them. Next week, they could be selling shirts, or tires. If you see a future in something, you are apt to get yourself educated in it, if you are smart. If there is no future, no incentives and nowhere to take skills, why develop them? Most chain petstore people are there while they look for something better. Most fish section people want to be transferred to cute furry animals.

  5. Kaelico Member Member

    This is why I cry on the inside when I read articles that try to tell you "what pet is right for you" and recommend fish to people with a small budget and little free time to care for them. Little do they know, fish keeping is often more expensive, time consuming, and physically demanding than most other pets.
  6. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    100% Without question
  7. Kaelico Member Member

    I agree, however I think it also partly has to do with the ethics of caring for and selling something living. Pet store employees are essentially agreeing to become responsible for the health of whatever animal they're assigned to look after when they apply for the job, so it would be more responsible of both them and their employers to have an accurate knowledge of how to properly care for the fish while they're under the employees care. When they give away false and harmful information to impressionable consumers that could jeopardize the fish's well-being, that falls partially under their responsibility as well and could be prevented if they had educated themselves more about the job they agreed to take. But you're right, having a perfect education on fish care probably isn't included in a Petco employee job description, so they can't really be expected to know everything or blamed when they don't.

  8. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    I worked in a pet store, and read up on every question I was asked. My boss kept a shelf of species reference books, and we were instructed to use them - if we didn't know an answer, we looked it up in front of the customer and showed them the reference.
    One of the local stores that came along after I had moved on to better jobs would give employees study material and tests, which if passed would bring raises. If you passed 3 or 4 tests, you were getting into an interesting retail pay range.
    We still have one store that pays a few dollars above minimum and tests staff as part of the interview. A number of aquarium club members have been hired and they talent scout at local aquarist meetings. I know that if I go in there, I will see the same well informed staff I saw last year, and maybe the year before.
    If you go to a Petsmart, or Petco, or another chain that hires without skills being needed, then you get what you chose. The problem is the chains are destroying the independent stores with their prices, and reducing choices. It's hard to get around that. But if you can, do.
  9. realsheeps Initiate Member

    I actually work at Petsmart, lol. Starting working there is what inspired me to start learning about fish, and now I have two tanks that are doing pretty well. My manager is a marine biologist, and I try to learn all I can from her. Not all retail workers are brainless. :p
  10. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Those 2 that you mentioned are my only options.

  11. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Bad apples everywhere amd great ones as well.
  12. grantm91 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would never work at a fish store unless i owned it, some of them will know there stuff but imagine trying to tell people stuff all day people that don't want to listen or people who don't absorb information too well. Id rather not lol.
  13. realsheeps Initiate Member

    This is the absolute worst. I get at least one person a day that behaves this way, it's infuriating. I'll flat-out refuse a sale if I know the customer won't care for the animal properly, and I do my best to educate them if they seem accepting. Just the other day I had a lady trying to buy a bearded dragon to use as a toy for her cats. And this was just after I talked her out of a goldfish to use as the same purpose. I can only hope her cats are okay.
  14. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Lol. I don't have to imagine very hard at all about that...
  15. Polyrhythm Member Member

    Where I am even the owner of a nearby LFS is fairly uneducated, or got his info from very broad, often inaccurate sites. I remember shopping there for when I started my 10g and getting all sorts of recommendations that (I know now) have no business in a 10g such as various cories and goldfish

    Sadly seems getting a sale is usually more important than giving the fish a proper home.
  16. Kaelico Member Member

    It doesn't seem like that, it IS like that. That's business for you. It's kind of understandable though. Like NavigatorBlack mentioned earlier, people work there so that they can get paid, not necessarily because they really want to make a difference in the pet hobby. Making a living is much more important in the real world, and unfortunately, fish lives come second.
  17. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    I think you just summed up retail life in one posting. Millions suffer with that scenario every day.
  18. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    I know that guy. Except this one owns a huge fish store in the Dallas area. I was in there a couple weeks ago, wanting to top off my shoal of black neon tetras. The owner was there, he had some nice looking specimens, but I'm careful and I watched for a while. One had a nice long, stringy white poo that he could not shed. I pointed it out to the owner, and he practically yelled "Oh, nah, they're fine! See, if they eat well you can be assured there are no internal parasites!" He then proceeded to dose the black neon tank with enough flakes to feed them for 3 weeks.... um.... no thanks.... He's been in business for 30+ years and apparently knows nothing.
  19. grantm91 Fishlore VIP Member

    I was going to say that in the post, retail work in general but i kept it fish related, I'm always nice to retail workers because i see what they put up with every day. Never worked in retail never will, i couldn't deal with masses of people or attitudes. Neither could i stand there and tell people the same thing over and over about fish. The same with this forum, il only really reply to stuff if its a good question that google is no good for and if i have a good answer from experiences of my own and the same way il only ask if something if its not google-able or if the internets giving mixed answers.
  20. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    My LFS had no idea either. I was there when an order came in with 1 dead Cory with 8 live ones. I told him to get them out of that water quick before he loses the other 8, and explained why. He did remove them and thanked me.