Underwater Treasures Ornament & Cloudy Water

Discussion in 'Cloudy Aquarium Water' started by Sugar Plum, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Sugar Plum

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    I've always had good luck with topfin and underwater treasures. I recently bought an underwater treasures ornament of roman columns from Big Al's. There are two columns with a fallen piece of column between. I liked it because there're no tiny holes to trap fish.

    Anyway, I set up a 6 gallon betta tank. There is a moss ball (not new), a silk plant (not new) and some aquarium rocks (new, but thoroughly rinsed) plus the betta.

    I can't keep the water from being cloudy and have begun to suspect the ornament. I change the water all the time; in less than 8 hours it's cloudy again. My other tanks are fine. I think something's leaching.

    Will soaking it for a few months in a bucket of water salvage this ornament? Is there something else I could do? I'm so disappointed. Thank you very much!
  2. CCinBama

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    I doubt the ornament composition itself has much to do with it, assuming you cleaned it well before putting it in. But.., when you put it in, did you tip it and be sure to let all the air out and it fill up completely with tank water? I had a large ornament once that I didn't get all the air pockets out of and it allowed waste/food/bacteria to get trapped making a mess of the tank quickly. Other than that, it may just be new tank syndrome, if it has not fully cycled or broke the cycle and is starting over. Might just wait it out. Most times, the cloudy water will resolve itself once the filter catches up with good bacteria or a bacteria bloom in the water dies off. I just had a cloudy water issue due to a bacteria bloom and being patient and keeping hands off was really hard, but it did resolve itself. Good luck!
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    Based on what I learned, cloudy water is mainly a filtration issue. I'd do what the guys on this thread suggest.
  4. Cichlidude

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    Cloudy Water: << Click here

    The water in your tank might be cloudy due to dirt, sand, fish waste, particles, plant matter, and uneaten food floating around. Moreover, the particles might be way too small for your filter to catch. The stuff making your aquarium water cloudy can’t even be detected or stopped by the filter.

    Try the information here first (Make sure you have fine filter floss in your filter):


    Build a DIY Water Polisher here. I built this and it works great in large tanks:

    Here is the .

    For smaller tanks, try this (30 gallons or less):

    Diy Micro Gravel Vacuum/water Polisher

    If all the above does not work… this will:

    Start with 1 drop per gallon first, not the 2-4 drops recommended to start. Your water will get cloudy for about an hour or so and then start to clear. Make sure you have in your filter. If you need another/higher dose 24-48 hours later, fine. All Acruel F does is clump the free floating particles together so your filter can now pick this up. Guaranteed this works wonders.

    Keep your tank crystal clear?

    Green water? Get a (13 watt) and set it to the lowest flow rate so the water stays in contact with the light the longest. Will clear in about 7 days then remove it.
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    Sugar Plum

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    Thank you very much, everyone!

    There was indeed a large bubble underneath the ornament. I got rid of it and resisted the temptation to do another massive water change.

    This morning, everything was crystal clear. :D