Underwater frogs?

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by Charles Wagner, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Charles WagnerNew MemberMember

    So I just upped my tank to a 72g bow front and got some underwater frogs. Te guy at the store said get some high going decor and feed the fish granules so the frogs can eat the same food as the fish. Is there anything else I should keep in mind with them ? I have all guppys , tetras , panda Cory's , 1 male Betta annd now the 2 frogs

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  2. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Charles :)

    What kind of frogs are they?

    Until we know, there isn't much info we can give.

    If they are African Dwarf Frogs (webs between toes on all four feet) they are not at all suited for your tank size and depending on the tetras maybe not even the tank mates.

    They have different feeding requirements. Fish food is for fish not frogs. :)


    If they are African Clawed Frogs (webs between toes on back feed only, claws on front feet) they may soon find your guppies (and maybe the tetras) a tasty treat.


    Please read the links provided.
    Imo, you should consider taking them back or getting them a tank that is more suited to their needs so you can care for them properly

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  3. LWormy

    LWormyValued MemberMember

    Well, i own 2 african dwarf frog myself and I don't see why the tank size is not suitable. The bigger the tank the better. I agree that some tankmate is not suitable, such as panda cory because of food competition etc, but the tank is perfectly fine. You will need lots of plants for the frogs to climb on though.

  4. OP

    Charles WagnerNew MemberMember

    Have plants , thy don't seem to bother going on them . All 1 feet I am pretty sure are fully webbed. None of the fish bother them and they don't. bother with the fish, they are tiny little ones . What should I be feeding them ? Think the small granulas is what the store was

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  5. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    While they can live in a taller tank they really shouldn't, imo
    The stress of getting to the top for air as well as the increased current from the filter can be stressful for them.

    There is also the issue of getting them the proper food and the right amounts.

    Ime and opinion they should be in a species only tank.
    They are such delightful creatures when allowed to let their personalities shine through without stressors mentioned above.

    ;) We can agree to disagree.

    Read the link provided in post #2.
    Frogbreeder has listed several food options.

    Mine get mostly frozen brine shrimp.
  6. renthusWell Known MemberMember

    You really should keep them in a smaller (shorter) tank. More gallons is great. More height isn't. I personally would never keep ADFs in anything over 16 inches deep. A 20-Long is absolutely perfect for them.

    I personally feed my ADFs (and thanks to his tenacity, their betta tankmate -.-) live blackworms. They absolutely adore them.

    I gotta say, though, your stocking kinda sounds like a mess. A male betta in with guppies and tetras? That's a disaster waiting to happen. I also can't think of any situation other than target feeding (e.g. holding worms in front of them with tweezers) where your frogs are going to be getting much food. Even if a worm is literally laying on top of their face, they often won't realize it. They absolutely cannot compete with faster fish, like the cories and even the betta.
  7. LWormy

    LWormyValued MemberMember

    What I do is that I net the frog in a small glass bowl and I put frozen bloodworm in it. I cover the bowl with a towel and wait for 1-2 hours. After that just net your frog back. They will learn to climb in the net when they see it to get food. They are smart little beasties. :)

    I am pretty sure 1 feet in depth is not going to bother the frog at all. They can swim better than most people think and I bet the Congo river (where they are from) is deeper than that.
  8. renthusWell Known MemberMember

    1 foot is fine. 2 feet, which is what a 72g bowfront is, is too deep.

    Also, please don't take your froggies out of the water and move them like that every time you want to feed them. There's just so much potential for disaster, and taking them out of the water like that can't help but be stressful for them.
  9. OP

    Charles WagnerNew MemberMember

    My problem is I had the Betta in a separate tank and due to landlord issues had to move them together , was very iffy also but they seem fine . I know at the stores by me they always have betas mixed in the tanks . I also have all split tail guppies, it's not like the fancy guppies where the betta may feel threatened. Only time his gills flair out is when they swim into the side of him when he's sleeping. As for the frogs now I don't know what to do.. Might have to give them to someone for a new home =\

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  10. k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    we have 3 ADF in the 60g they love tubifex the most. frogs are listed as carnivores, they also love the shrimp pellets. they will eat flake food, they prefer worms- being frogs and all. we have corys in our tank and they just jump in the middle of the feeding frenzy. they do like surface plants- even fake ones- for sleeping that they can hang out on. I try to the put the worms in the plants to keep the piggy platys and danios momentarily blockaded. hth
  11. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    You've gotten a few different opinions about how we keep our frogs so now it's up to you. :)

    The one thing we all seem to agree on is making sure they get the the proper food and to take special care that they are getting their fair share.
  12. fishnewbie33Well Known MemberMember

  13. renthusWell Known MemberMember

    Actually using breeding nets as shelves is really clever. The one thing I would question, given that my frogs are utter and complete idiots, is whether they'd be able to figure out that if they're under it, they need to exit, THEN go up for air. Also, keep in mind that frogs like to wiggle themselves into tight spots (mine love it behind my heater) so make sure they can't get stuck under or behind the breeder box.
  14. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Have to be careful of their little toe nails getting caught in netting.

    Also, anything close to the top that they can climb on they are at risk of escaping if there is any gap in the hood/lid.
  15. skar

    skarWell Known MemberMember

    I'd like to put my opinion... I advise against the netting idea. I have my frog in a 24 inch hex with wisteria and drift wood is more than enough for them to feel secure. My frog loves beef heart and finds it on his own. This is with my experience. Best of luck to you.
  16. LWormy

    LWormyValued MemberMember

    I heard that Beefheart is bad for them because it is high in fat and the froggers can't digest animal protein that well. You'll be better off with frozen bloodworm IMHO because they are nutritionally balanced. I give them mosquitoes in the summer when I catch them with my bare hands. (I am awesome in that way) Give them a balanced diet and bloodworm for staples.
  17. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Beefheart is one of Frogbreeder's recommendations.

    Since she is breeder and done presentations about them in various aquatic clubs in Canada I'm fairly certain she knows what she's talking about. ;)

    From the care sheet:
    I haven't tried it myself.
  18. AbsolutTalentValued MemberMember

    I feed mine beefheart on occasion. But primarily they get frozen bloodworms. I should start adding mysis shrimp back into the mix. And I used to give them brine shrimp, but I stopped using it because I got tired of spot feeding (12 frogs take a long time to spot feed) and chucking a cube into the tank means most wind up on my sponge pre-filter and make a mess. Mysis are better than the brine shrimp.
    Once my cherry shrimp colony really takes off, the froggies will get the live culls as their primary
  19. Jancy

    JancyValued MemberMember

    ADF's should not be captured daily to be fed. This is really stressful for them. Their skin is very delicate (they absorb everything through their skin) they can be scratched easily with the net, nails easily can get stuck in nets and also should not be handled unless absolutely necessary. When I have had to move my frogs I found it easier and safer to use my hands over using a net.

    Very high tanks are extremely stressful (they normally live in very shallow water in the wild) - not only do they have to swim further for air but get very nervous of being prey going that longer distance.
    Beefheart is best as an occasional treat. I feed mine a variety of food, Raw talapia, chicken breast, tuna in water, mysis shrimp, glass worms, beef heart, bloodworms, HBH frog and tadpole bites. I hand feed everything with reptile tongs except the HBH frog and tadpole bites.

    I personally would never house adfs with bettas. ADFs have very poor eyesight and can easily mistake bettas and other fish fins for food and nip at them. Bettas have teeth and can easily damage the delicate skin of adf's which can quickly cause infections, death, loss of webbed flippers and/or limbs.

    I would have to agree with others that an ADF species only tank is best.
  20. LWormy

    LWormyValued MemberMember

    Wait, betta have teeth?

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