Understocking and cycling


Soooo now I'm getting two 112l/29g to replace my little tanks I'm finding a whole load of new things to worry about.

I've put the new filters on the old tanks as well as the current ones to seed, and I'll be moving all the rocks, wood, plants etc and some of the substrate.

But are 5 platy fish OR 6 pygmy corys enough to produce enough ammonia to stop a 112l tank from crashing?


I've always gone "slow" in my stocking even when using seeding. This allows the ability to not overburden it. However, make sure your seeding a good month, or more, before you use that media. Personally, I'd stick with either 6 pygmy cories or maybe 3 platy's at first then slowly load up to what you want.

However that being said, I've had good established seed media I just overloaded right away, but again, this was WELL seeded and used for a very long time before throwing it in. You might be fine depending on how long you seed, and how much of the rock, wood, plants, substrate you move over to do both I would think. Just watch parameters and have a backup plan and prime on hand :)
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I'm planning to move over both filters, the old, better established one and the newer one if I don't go for a full fishless cycle. Can't quite decide what's a better option though.

The platys will need to stay together as they're a pretty close knit group now so I might need to do a full fishless cycle on their tank with the lightly seeded filter for a bit of a boost.

Sounds like the corys can move into theirs straight away though.

Is there a minimum stocking density that'll keep the cycle going?


There's no minimum stocking density. If it's the same stock load the existing filters will keep the cycle going as before. The new filters will seed quicker if you put some media from the existing filters in them.
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