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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by tjander, Jul 3, 2015.

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    So my shrimp, guppy, and planted 20g tank has a moderate ICK issue. I have read a lot of information, and it seems that from what I have read, if I remove all the fish from my tank, in about a weeks time the ICK parasite will die off because there are no hosts to live off of and shrimp do not host the ICK parasite...

    I can then treat the fish in a QT with a copper medicine and kill off the ICK?

    Is this sound logic or have I misinterpreted something?

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    From all the reading I did what I got from it was that at temps over 84 it won't attach itself to a new host. It has a life cycle of about 4 days at temps over 80 and at cooler temps it can last a lot longer. If you keep the tanks temp at 86 for 10 days you should have gone through the cycle twice killing it off. During these 10 days you should be doing a good amount of water changes and vacuuming the gravel thoroughly. By removing the fish you also remove its host but what's the point if the fish and tank already have it? You are stressing them even more by moving them around. I just finished my treatment today and treated the whole tank with high temp, aquarium salt (optional) and water changes. I'm sure someone else with more experience will chime in but for my first time treating ick it all went well and the fish seem happy again.
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  3. OP

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    Thanks, so in your experience high temp for 10 days did the trick?
    My idea was to remove the fish and treat them with a stronger med that would otherwise kill my shrimp. 10 days of med treatment for the fish in a QT, in conjunction with 10 days of heat treatment in the original tank should = ICK free tank. No?
    Thanks again for your reply.
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    If your going to treat with meds keep uour temperature at 80-82. You do either heat treatment +85 or medicine treatment. Malachite green is toxic at very high temperatures and is the primary ingredient in most ich meds. Don't mix treatments unless you know what you are doing with any disease, it could be worse than the disease.
  5. OP

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    Well one week into high temps and double dose of ICK Attack and all seems well. Most spots are gone from the fish and only one guppy and one neon lost. I am going to keep the heat up for another week and keep treating with the ICK Attack, and slowly return things to normal over the period of the third week.
    See what happens.