Undergravel Filter Uplift Tube Too Short?

  1. Athanson33 Initiate Member

    I recently purchased a Penn Plax 40/55 gallon undergravel filter for my 60 gallon tank. The uplift tubes seem short for the tank, and don't quite reach the top (see pictures). The directions say the tubes should go to almost the top of the water. Will this work? or will I need to somehow figure out a way to extend these?

    Thanks. IMG_1863.jpg

    Disclaimer: setting up my first tank, have read a couple books but don't know much.
  2. MommaLake Well Known Member Member

    I've used ugf (under gravel filters) before. It will still work. If you don't like the way it looks you can always try to order extension tubes maybe on Amazon.
    I always used my ugf with other filtration, like an hob (hang on back) or canister. I'm a habitual over filterer.

  3. TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    Wow thought undergravel filters went out of style 20 years ago.

    yeah will work, just would work netter if they were taller.
  4. MommaLake Well Known Member Member

    They did go out of style but they are still made and sold all over. They are great if you don't have fish that require or looove sand. They are actually great for fish who like a ton of aeration like gold fish. It's also nice to take advantage of turning the entire substrate into a filter. As long as you do regular gravel vacuuming then too much muck won't accumulate under it.

  5. Athanson33 Initiate Member

    Thanks for the advice, I was planning on using an HOB filter as well. Do you typically use a powerhead or air stones and an air pump with the UGF?
  6. MommaLake Well Known Member Member

    When I had it on a 20L I just used air stones. When I had it on my 135g I had 2 with powerheads and 4 with air stones with huge air pumps. What's great is they're very customizable.
  7. Athanson33 Initiate Member

    cool. considering going for the air pump route. Would I be able to buy just one air pump and then a gang valve to split off for all four air stones? considering either the Fluval Q2 air pump or the Tetra whisper 60-100 air pump. Also concerned about the noise.

  8. MommaLake Well Known Member Member

    The fluval air pumps are pretty quiet. The bubbles are definitely louder than the pump LOL as for running multiple lines off one pump, I know it possible but I didn't do it that way myself so I can't say from personal experience how well it works
  9. Athanson33 Initiate Member

    Great thanks. I bought a fluval aquaclear HOB filter to pair with the UGF. I got the 200 GPH one that says it works on 20-50 gallon tanks. I figured since I have the UGF also this would be enough for my 60 gal tank?
  10. MommaLake Well Known Member Member

    Well, i am a crazy over filterer. I would have gotten either 1 or 2 hob filters totaling 600 gph or a canister with at least 600 gph. Either of those with the ugf. That way I know I hit the 10x mark and I'd count the ugf as bonus filtration.

    The most common idea of "enough" filtration is 8-10 x gph to volume. So for a 60 gallon -> 600gph is 10x. And that's if you fully stock. Yours right now is at 200gph so the power heads or air pumps on your ugf would need to pump the remaining 400gph. And if they do then you should be totally fine.