under gravel filter for betta

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by gammerus, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Bettas should not be kept in anything less than 5 gallons because it can't be heated, and they need temps at least 78*F. Check out the site   for info on keeping bettas. Any other kinds of fish need at least 10 gallon tanks, because it is very hard to maintain good water conditions in anything smaller--5 gallons are OK for bettas because there is only one fish.
    I also do not recommend undergravel filters, because they are almost impossible to clean and provide only biological filtration. You also can't grow live plants with a ug filter.
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    does it matter if the temp is good? I have checked the temp and the bulb keeps the water at about 75' throughout the day
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    But at night the temperature will drop. Such a small amount of water will cool rapidly. The Betta will get sick from so much temperature fluctuation.
    As far as the underground filter, all the waste is being pulled under the plate and is still in the tank, with such a small amount of water the Betta is literally living in his own waste theres not even enough water to dilute it much.
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    interesting...cant wait to get that ten gal fortress of solitude clear.gif
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    cool! are you going to have any fish other than the betta in the 10 gal? (Lucky betta! :) )
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    I am thinking some danios mollys and maybe a cherry barb (think thats the nice one) clear.gif

    do you think the fish would mind the lack of plants?
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    they wouldntdie or anything without them, but they might be happier with something to hide in....a lot of pet stores have fake plants in wierd colors, i have seen silver/fluorescent white in some. That might look good with the theme you have going...
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    yeah, I wasn't sure...now to decide on what color....this could take a while as I want the ultimate tank