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Seahorse man said:
HI everyone! I recently got into this hobby and found a passion for it, but there's one downside. I'm a minor and I come across many difficulties because of this. Mainly that I have to travel an hour and a half to a store that will sell me fish (there's a store 20 miniutes from me but their ridiculously expensive and won't sell fish to minors). And I go to school every day and am a tri-sport athlete. And I just flat aren't allowed to keep as many tanks as I would like to. I was just curious if there are other people like me that have problems with this hobby because they are underage. I would love to hear all about your problems, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!
I live in the Philippines, and there is this cheap market its name is Cartimar. They sell various types of fishes at dirt cheap prices! You could buy ghost knife fishes for 150 pesos or 3 USD. Same price 3 USD for Oscar fish. You could buy koI fish for about 50 pesos or 1 USD each. They also sell Betta fish for less than 1 USD, alligator gars, arowanas, tropical saltwater fishes, sharks, catfish, flowerhorn, feeder fishes, you name it. Fish enthusiasts come all over the city to this market cause its really cheap.

Check out these videos for reference


fishlover001 said:
I am thirteen, and I can honestly say that I have never been questioned, or asked to show id when buying a fish. All of the guys at the fish stores know me. In fact, one time my dad dropped me off at the fish store and he walked to the dollar store. I talked to the guy for a bit, he caught me fish, and I paid for them. I then proceeded to walk with my fish to the dollar store and tell my dad I was ready to go. I guess I am lucky that it never happens to me. And I understand the limits on tanks at home. I can only have four!
Well just judging by your grammar, you seem like a mature 13 year old. In which case I wouldn’t care about your age if you came into my store. Of course that’s not always the case from store to store.


Thanks! I hope I never get refused service at a fish store, And I feel bad for those who do.

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