Uncharted territory!

  1. rianygr Member Member

    Hi guys, I'm faced with a challenge... one if my boys started pineconing 8 days ago. I went against everything I know and decided to give him a chance instead of euthanize him. The dropsy problem is all but resolved as we speak but somehow, Altair tore his stomach during the night. There is a rip over his ventrals and it's definitely not a flesh wound, I looked at him feeding and all his food was coming out. Don't know what to do, that's new territory!
  2. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Can you post a photo? How did you treat him?

  3. Aquarium Newb Member Member

    I've heard of things like this, howevery when I've heard of it the fish usually dies, Ive heard of dropsy "going away" and then coming back with a vengeance. Then they get worse than before and usually die, however at this point if his food is coming out of his stomach I don't think there is anything you can do. I would strongly recommend euthanizing him because its better to be fast rather than slow starvation.
  4. Annie424 Well Known Member Member

    I would have given him a chance too - one of my previous bettas pine-coned a few times, and always came out of it. But I've never heard of them tearing their stomach open before. It might be possible that he was in some internal distress and kept repeatedly scraping against something in an attempt to relieve the discomfort? I hate to say it but would recommend humane euthanasia at this point. If food is coming out of him as he eats it, the wound is bound to be painful. I don't see that healing on it's own. I'm so so sorry this has happened to you and your betta friend. :(

  5. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

  6. rianygr Member Member

    I know how to euthanize with clove oil, unfortunately I had to do it before...something similar happened to a girl and she posted to a fb group so naturally I got in touch with her. Her guy has healed completely only with water changes. So... we keep pushing. Dropsy is almost complete gone (with methylene blue/Epsom salt dips and anti internal bacteria meds) and the hole in his stomach has closed. It still looks raised but there is no tear that I see. I'm gonna start doing medicated feeds again tomorrow or the day after if he stays that way and hope for the best. He was extremely healthy before and I was flaring him daily, that might be the only reason he made it, even to this point
  7. Annie424 Well Known Member Member

    wow, rianygr, that is such good news! When I read that there was a hole in him that was leaking out food, I was thinking it was a worst-case scenario and a fatal injury. Thank you for the update, I'm really pulling for your little guy to get back to good health!

  8. Aquarium Newb Member Member

    Wow thats great! It sounded extremely like he was going to die but I'm glad he is going to (hopefully) make it!
  9. KyleMarie Member Member

    Good luck with your little man!
  10. rianygr Member Member

    Thanks guys,Altair is getting better slowly but surely! [​IMG]

  11. Annie424 Well Known Member Member

    Fingers crossed he keeps getting better. Sometimes these little guys surprise us with how hardy they can be, especially if we give them good care (which I know you do!).
  12. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Wow, he's a beautiful little guy! I wonder if somehow he punctured himself and that's why the food was coming out? I'm glad he's doing better!