Um Anacharis Dissolving?


I'm not talking about my own anacharis but my sister's. She has a 2.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater that has a betta in it. Maybe some members will pipe up saying bettas need a minimum of 5, but seriously, that fish is fine. We've had it for years

In addition to the filter and heater, she has a small silk plant, a small (non sharp) plastic plant, two aquarium safe river rocks, a betta hammock, a suction cup thermometer, and some anacharis. She started out with three long strands of anacharis that was just floating around. I saw the fish nibble at the stem two or three times but never again. And don't worry, the fish gets fed plenty.

I changed the water in its tank this morning and noticed there are only four or five very short pieces or anacharis on the top. Some still have some nice leaves and some are completely bare. What's wrong? My anacharis is doing really well with barely any lighting and no fertilizers. I doubt the fish is eating that much as bettas are carnivores. He gets four Aqueon pellets a day, so he's not starving to death. My sister's tank has no lighting and she isn't using ferts either.

I think the plants can probably grow more leaves and grow the stems longer but is there anything we can do? Her tank has a light; the lightbulb just burned out. Should we get a new one?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!!


Maybe there just isn't enough nutrients in the water, I'm not a betta expert but I haven't seen anybody mention that bettas are very messy, and if the betta is fed sparingly, I would say between a lack of nutrients and light it could just be starving to death.


What temperature is your tank? I think anacharis likes slightly cooler temps...



The betta very well could be nibbling on it. Bettas while they prefer mostly meaty foods, do like some occasional plant matter in their diet, and anacharis is very soft (easy to chew). It could also be that it needs a bit more light. In a smaller tank that size, the betta waste should be enough to provide the fertilization Anacharis needs.


I'd think it was lighting. You could certainly get a new bulb. sells the Coralife Colormax bulb which is what I use for my 2.5 RCS tank. But also, anacharis prefer cooler temps. When I had it in my heated community tank, it never really went anywhere. All current growth melted, and new growth was thin and leaves were small. I moved it all to the 2.5, which is only heated by the light (but basically room temp) and they are much happier. I have the lighting mentioned above, but also use very small amounts of Flourish and Flourish Excel.
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Her tank is 80 degrees, same as mine, only my anacharis is flourishing and has already grown baby anacharis over the course of about three weeks. It probably is the lighting, we'll have to find a new bulb thanks guys!

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